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Babywearing Educator Spotlight: Kristy Gill

Babywearing educators are a wonderful asset to the babywearing community. Their experience, knowledge and passion for babywearing can help caregivers overcome challenges and gain confidence in wearing their baby. We appreciate the role that babywearing educators play in our community and we are excited to celebrate their role through this series of babywearing educator spotlights.

Our next Babywearing Educator spotlight is on a passionate long time educator from the Denver Metro Area. We asked Kristy Gill, of  Babywearing Basics, to answer some questions about herself and her role as an educator.

Tell Us About Your Business.
Babywearing Basics is based in the Denver Metro area. We do small group workshops and private consultations to give caregivers hands on help, and to support them in finding the best fit with their carriers.
We also work with several retailers and manufactures doing anything from training staff, helping with events and meetups, to working at trade shows and conferences.

How did you get involved with babywearing?
Previous to my oldest being born in 2010, I had been a nanny and actually wore the baby I cared for so I knew it was a great parenting tool. When my oldest was born, he always wanted to be in my arms, so using a carrier made life easier as a new mother. We lived in SoCal at the time, and I actually lived right across the street from Laura Brown, founder of Babywearing LA, so I quickly fell down the rabbit hole. Some neighbors borrow sugar, and I borrowed carriers. When we moved to Colorado, I knew I wanted to get involved in the local community and help parents with a tool that is invaluable in my own parenting journey.

What do you find most rewarding as a babywearing educator?

I do a lot of work with new moms who don’t know that “babywearing” is a thing. Carriers are just another piece of baby gear (and to some it remains that way, and that is okay, too). Helping them to find a carrier that works for them, and empower them on their own parenting journey is really fulfilling for me.

What is one important tip you like to share with new or first time babywearers?

If at first you don’t succeed, try again – or find a group or educator that can help you! Sometimes getting hands on help can make all the difference when trying to get a good fit with your carrier. 


To connect with Kristy, visit her Facebook page and Instagram.

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15 Times We Proved Tula ‘Sleepy Dust’ Is Real

15 Times We Proved Tula ‘Sleepy Dust’ Is Real

Have you heard that Baby Tula products come packed with magic ‘sleepy dust’? Well, we have 15 photos to prove that the ‘sleepy dust’ is REAL!

Share your sleepy dust photos with us using the hashtag #tulasleepydust!

1. When ‘sleepy dust’ and magnificent transfer skills combine!

Heart Shaped transfers never get old 💗 #tulawoven #migaloodelight #toddlerwearing #tulababycarriers #acidwash

A photo posted by Marisol Hernandez (@cush_factor) on

2. ‘Sleepy dust’ hit in the middle of Target…more time for perusing!

The best trips to #target are when your baby naps the whole time, am I right? 🙌🏻

A photo posted by Jessica 🌿 (@jessicajeanwalters) on

3. Our Tula Baby Blankets come jam-packed with ‘sleepy dust’ too!

4. Team Tula children are NOT immune to ‘sleepy dust’!

5. Don’t confuse sand with ‘sleepy dust’ from our baby carriers!

Strolling along with my favorite little people 🐕👶🏼👶🏼🐠🐚💦

A photo posted by Brittany (@mermaama) on

6. Dancey Dolls Stomp Ring Sling ‘sleepy dust’ in full effect!

snoozing at the beach 🌊

A photo posted by stephanie s (@_heystephanie) on

7. Mom + Archer Baby Carrier = ‘sleepy dust’ to the extreme!

8. Even Ula can’t keep the ‘sleepy dust’ away from her children!

9. When transferred successfully, the ‘sleepy dust’ stays strong!

🙏🏻 #tula #tulababycarriers #tulatransfer #babywearing #wearthem #didibobs #successfultransfer

A photo posted by d i d i b o b s (@didibobs) on

10. No matter where you are, Tula Baby Blankets can emit ‘sleepy dust’ powers!

11. The power of ‘sleepy dust’ can work on twins too, especially with the help of a handy Tula Ring Sling!

12. Watch out! ‘Sleepy dust’ can hit in unexpected places!

13. Another Team Tula child is hit hard by the Woven Wrap ‘sleepy dust’!

Dorothy with Oz 💕#tuladorothy #tulalovecollective #babywearing #backcarry

A photo posted by Priscilla Parra (@priscilla_with_two) on

14. Ring Sling ‘sleepy dust’ works extra hard to help when your loved one doesn’t feel well!

15. Tula Baby Blanket ‘sleepy dust’ helps with newborn photo shoots!

Do you believe us now? Share your sleepy dust photos with us using the hashtag #tulasleepydust!

Proud Tula Families: Allie and Lisa

At Baby Tula, we celebrate the vast diversity that defines family. We think a main component of what makes a family is LOVE. So we wanted to take an opportunity in June, Pride month, to kick off a new blog series that celebrates all the diverse forms of family. We start with one family that is near and dear to us! Team Tula member Allie and her wife, Lisa, share about welcoming their son, Rockwell, and a bit of advice for same sex couples considering parenting.

Can you share a bit about your ow personal love story?

Allie: Hmmm, it sounds more scandalous than it actually was! We first met when I was a student in one of Lisa’s photography classes at a community college. Our shared love of analog black and white photography is what brought us together.

How did you decide you were ready to become parents?

Lisa: I always wanted to be a parent, but hadn’t met the right person for the journey. I have also experienced lots of personal growth that made me more confident. I knew that Allie would be an excellent partner to help & guide me throughout our parenting.

What’s something special or memorable about your experience of welcoming your child? 

Allie: We have a room in our house that is small but has a lot of beautiful natural light and is decorated in all white with a few blue accents – we used to call it “the cloud”. Rockwell was born at home in this room and part of his birth story that he likes to tell is that he was born in a cloud. 

Lisa: I cherish that Rockwell was born at home and in the cloud.

What is something you have learned since becoming a parent. 

Allie: Prior to becoming a parent I had all sorts of ideas about how children should be raised and thought I had it figured out. After having a baby I realized that I had no idea what I had been talking about! I have learned to accept that the only thing constant with kids is change. When I find some approach or parenting technique that works, I go with it for as long as it works and then I try to find the next thing that will work.

Lisa: My little guy has feelings and I need to honor these feelings. As adults, we can be so busy and forget this. It never ceases to amazes me how much Rockwell understand and expresses.

What does Pride mean to you and/or your family? 

Pride means Love and Freedom – not hiding who we are and celebrating people’s differences. It means justice and inclusivity and teaching our child compassion for others first and foremost.

Is there anything you would like to share with other same sex couples considering parenting? 

Go for it! Kids are amazing! Find a community of other Queer parents, either in your town or online, and start to make friends. Parenting is hard work and you will need your own close knit community.


THANK YOU, Allie and Lisa, for chatting with us. If you want to share your pride with Tula, be sure to share your stories on Facebook and Instagram with us!

Nordstrom Exclusive: Connect and Transform

Exclusive Baby Tula Nordstrom Baby Carrier

Little things, like simplicity and a cool style, can make you feel confident in your journey as a parent. So, we’ve created two exclusive Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier prints for Nordstrom that speak to a style conscious parent.

‘Connect’ and ‘Transform’ are modern, neutral designs that complement any outfit and personality. Each print will have you feeling chic while experiencing all the adventures that parenting brings and staying comfortable during it all. Our Free-to-Grow Carrier has an innovative, no fuss design that can comfortably hold your baby, beginning at 7lbs., without an infant insert. The panel of the Free-to-Grow Carrier has adjustable height and width settings to support your baby as they grow.

Nordstrom Exclusive: Transform

Transform‘ is simple, yet bold, with a black and white lined design throughout the carrier and hood.


Nordstrom Exclusive: Connect

Connect‘ is a neutral hip design that has a black background with gray plus signs. ‘Connect’ comes with a matching hood.

‘Connect’ and ‘Transform’ are available on nordstrom.com and at select Nordstrom stores. Visit your local Nordstrom ask for our two exclusive Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier prints!

Style Guide – Babywearing in a Dress

As we head officially into the Summer, I know you have a favorite sundress, LuLaRoe dress, or maxi skirt, that is a go-to in your closet for warm days. Summer also brings plenty of fun events, weddings, baby showers, you name it! Dressing up doesn’t mean the baby carrier should stay at home. Wearing a dress and a baby carrier is easy breezy! Here are some things to look for:

1. Choose a dress with enough length

Once you put the carrier waist belt on, you may find that the cinch in the waistband pulls the length of the dress up by just a tad. I usually choose a dress that I know I will be comfortable in even when I lose a few inches from the carrier. Comfort is key!

2. Watch the straps

Just like with tops and shirts, make sure there aren’t any metal accents, ties or anything else bulky on the tops of your shoulders. A cute tie accent can quickly become a bit of a pain when a carrier is placed over it!

3. Consider a different style of carrier

Ring Slings or Woven Wraps look stunning with the flow of a dress or skirt, and can be the perfect accessory to your spring outfit! Our Tula Woven fabric blends are also very breathable, making them a great option for summer babywearing.

Show us your very own Tula Style, dress or not, by tagging @tulababycarriers on Instagram! We love to see how you wear your Tula, and might even feature you in our feeds!