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Customize Your Carrier

How to Customize Your Baby Carrier

We’re all about expression, which is why we have so many different carrier options to help you find your perfect style. But as special as our carriers are, have you ever thought of creating your own one-of-a-kind Tula Carrier? With the addition of a custom hood, reach straps and/or suck pads, it’s possible to create a baby carrier that is unique to you and your baby!

Suck Pads

What are Suck Pads? Suck pads are detachable covers to put over your arm straps where they meet the panel. Sometimes, babies like to try and suck on the arm straps. By adding suck pads to your carrier, you’re able to easily remove them to wash, prevent wear to your carrier, AND add extra flare!

Reach Straps

What are Reach Straps? Reach straps connect to the hood on your baby carrier. When you’re back carrying, reach straps give you added length to be able easily reach and pull the hood over baby while they’re sleeping!

Custom Hoods

A really unique way to personalize your carrier is by getting a custom hood to replace hood that comes with your carrier! This is the ultimate way to add flair in a theme or style that speaks to you.

We’ve seen people create animals, put inspirational quotes, make a hood in a matching or coordinating print of the carrier…the options are endless!


Visit our Pinterest board for more inspiration, join our Tula Love Facebook group to see a list of customizers, and share your finished product with us by tagging us @Baby Tula or @tulababycarriers!

Free-to-Grow Summer Collection Look Book

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier Summer Collection

Since launching just a few months ago, our Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier has had an overwhelmingly positive response from parents across the world. It’s ease of use and ability to carry a newborn without an infant insert, has made our Free-to-Grow Carrier a must have! 

Take a look at the for new Free-to-Grow Baby Carriers, below, to see how we’ve kept the designs in this next collection simple stylishly! These four, more neutral options, will compliment your everyday style while you shine! We stay bold with the Free-to-Grow’s multiple features like the breathable twill material that feels cool to the touch and does not have added bulk. 

Which print will you choose?

Effortless style describes Indigo’s solid rich color. Perfect for everyday wear, Indigo makes a simple statement in a neutral shade of blue made with our cool twill material all over, including the detachable hood.

We celebrate the cherished moments of independence with this simple, stylish design. Soar has black silhouettes of birds in flight across an olive green backdrop covering the entire carrier, including the inner shell, and the detachable hood. With support and love, your little one can soar!

A playful spirit and limitless wonder inspire our print, Imagine. Soft brushstrokes in jet black, fall across a white background, in horizontal lines. Imagine’s print is an all over design that feels classic with a touch of interest. The print continues across the inner shell of the carrier and the detachable hood.

Keep it simple with Stormy. A sophisticated color of dark gray creates an understated, yet chic, color palette for this Free-to-Grow Carrier. Stormy’s modern shade of gray is made with our cool twill material all over, including the detachable hood.


Indigo, Imagine, Soar, and Stormy will be available on babytula.com on July 13th and many of our boutique retailers.

Summer Style Guide

As the weather heats up and you are outside more, your baby carrier is a must have! Check out some of our favorite summer styles, and comment below what is your favorite Tula for summer!


4th of July Style Guide

Whether you’re attending the community fireworks, going camping, or just hanging out in the back yard, the 4th of July is a fun and relaxing day for families across the US. We pulled together a little red, white, and blue inspiration on all your celebration adventures. Tag us @tulababycarriers on Instagram with your holiday festivities, and we might share your photo!


Statement in Response to #GrandmaGoneWild’s Blog Post

Recently, a blog post was shared detailing the experience of a retailer that applied to carry our products and was denied. In the blog post, the retailer described how they were denied despite meeting our stated criteria. Our response to them was done very poorly and information available to us was not properly considered during the application review process. They were left to believe that the denial was based on their race. Once the blog post was published and we were made aware of the pain we caused, we reached out to the retailer again to apologize and clarify our reasoning. But, again, our team did not handle the communication with this retailer well.

We are incredibly sorry for the hurt we have caused and for the way that Crunchy Boutique was initially responded to. We are also very sorry for the harm we have caused to marginalized communities in the babywearing community.

Since this morning, we have been in communication with Lauren and Keema of Crunchy Boutique. They have been incredibly generous in allowing us to speak with them and move forward to correct the mistakes and hurt we have caused. We are deeply honored to welcome Crunchy Boutique as a retailer and support them as a black-owned natural parenting store. They are trailblazers in the community and they have agreed to work with us to ensure that more voices of color are represented, valued, and that we do not make the same mistakes we have made again. Thank you to Crunchy Boutique for doing the continued labor of teaching us better practices, with regards to diversity and inclusivity.

Moving forward, our team will be participating in inclusivity training, in part facilitated by Crunchy Boutique and an Inclusivity and Diversity consultant who we are working with. We will reformat our retailer application to allow for retailers to share what makes them unique and how they support their local community. We will also continue to work harder to support people of color, black-owned businesses, and organizations so that they are given rightfully deserved space in this community.

Baby Tula in no way supports racism or hate. We, as a company, have much to learn and we understand the importance of educating oneself so that our business practices align with the just and equal world we want to live in. We want the babywearing community to reflect that as well, and will do our part to be part of the progress we want to see there.We want to thank everyone who is taking the time to help us through this journey: in particular Keema and Lauren of Crunchy Boutique, and Donna of Black Women Do Cloth Diaper. We hope to move forward and uplift the voices of marginalized communities for their incredible work and do better by them in the future.

For further clarity, here if the original blog post.