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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Baby Carrier Edition

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Baby Carrier

Don’t leave baby out at your ugly sweater party! Decorate your baby carrier for the ultimate holiday look! Try one of these quick and easy DIYs, or share your own in the comments!

garlandGarland Decor
What you’ll need:
– Tula Baby Carrier of your choice. We used ‘Olive’ Tula Baby Carrier
– Strand of garland
– Mini ornaments
– Tape

How to:
1. Tie garland around the base of the top strap
2. Loosely pull garland to the bottom of the opposite strap and tie it around
3. Loosely pull garland to the opposite end base of the strap and tie it around
4. Loosely pull garland to bottom waistband and tape the end of the garland inside the waistband to secure it
5. Once garland is secured in zig-zag pattern, attach mini ornaments along garland

bowsGift Bow Tree
What you’ll need:
– Tula Baby Carrier of your choice. We used ‘Delish’ Tula Baby Carrier
– Assortment of gift bows. Depending how big of a tree you want, we used 10 bows

How to:
1. Remove protective paper off sticky side of the tape
2. Starting from the top, place your biggest bow in the center at the height you desire
3. Work your way down creating your tree shape



bowPresent with Bow
What you’ll need:
– Tula Baby Carrier of your choice. We used ‘Urbanista’ Tula Baby Carrier
– Spool of wide gift ribbon
– Big ribbon bow
– Tape
– Scissors

How to:
1. Measure the height of your carrier from top to bottom and cut a piece of ribbon that length
2. Measure the width of your carrier from side to side a little higher than the center and cut a piece of ribbon that length
3. Use double sided tape to tape the ribbon to the carrier
4. Use double sided tape to tape a big bow where the ribbon crosses




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Coronado: A Collaboration with Meeyoo Handwovens


We are delighted to formally introduce our newest collaboration with Meeyoo Handwovens. ‘Coronado’ is a Girasol woven wrap designed by Angel and Cameo of Meeyoo. Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers will be beautifully crafted from this lovely woven design. ‘Coronado’ is a cascading combination of soft hues that is inspired by breathtaking views and memories of a beach-side visit. ‘Coronado’ is an exclusive Tula x Meeyoo design. We are honored to work with the incredibly creative women of Meeyoo: two sisters, and mothers, that embody the precious bond created by babywearing. Read below to learn how this collaboration came to life.

Meeyoo Handwovens is a small business, run by two babywearing sisters and best friends, specializing in hand crafted baby wraps. Angel and Cameo work from their homes in rural Ohio. With 8 children between the two of them, they have shared a passion for babywearing for many years. Their wraps are known for exquisite quality and gorgeous detailed combinations of colors that express a true labor of love.

Angel and Cameo have been wearing their babies in Tula Baby Carriers for more than 5 years. About 3 years ago, Ula posted in a group, asking what wraps people would like to see as wrap conversions. Being new weavers at that time, Angel and Cameo reached out to Ula and asked if she would like to convert some of their Meeyoo fabric into Tulas. Ula said yes, and so began the Meeyoo-Tula collaboration!


Their unique and recognizable design used in their handwoven fabric prompted us to ask Meeyoo if they would create designs to be woven by Girasol and then converted into Tulas. This created a more accessible version of Tula wrap conversion carriers that had the unmistakable aesthetic of Meeyoo. The first of these was ‘Cameo’, followed by ‘Angelique’; both were named after the sisters. ‘Waimea’ was also designed by Meeyoo.

Cameo and Angel visited Ula in San Diego a couple of years ago. While there, Ula took them to an amazing lunch at Hotel del Coronado. It was their first trip to San Diego and they fell in love with the beach and the beautiful weather. When we asked Cameo and Angel to design more fabric to be woven by Girasol, ‘Coronado’ came to life. The production process was lengthy but we are so excited to welcome this meaningful design!


From left to right: ‘Coronado’ in Creme de Nube weft, Gris Medio weft, and Cuervo weft

Tula ‘Coronado’ Wrap Conversions will soon be part of upcoming wrap conversion releases, hosted on Watch for announcements at our Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can learn about our Wrap Conversion Carriers from our past blog post.

Taking Great Holiday Photos

At Baby Tula we love the holidays for all the extra time we get to spend with our families! Whether it’s baby’s first Christmas, your older one is on break from school for a few weeks, or you’re traveling across the country to spend Hannukkah with your extended family, we know there will be LOTS of photo opportunities with baby this month. To help out, we’ve included some great ways to stage an adorable photoshoot, along with lots of cute inspiration.


Find a Cozy Space

In these photos, we simply have laid out the Tula Pointsettia Blanket set on top of a bed near a window. When you use a blanket as the backdrop, it doesn’t matter if your bedding matches, if the headboard is unique, or if the room is cluttered with present wrapping supplies (how do the bows end up on the dog every year?), all that really matters is some nice light, and a cute baby!

Dress your baby in something seasonal, like this onesie from Target, and grab the camera! Make some funny sounds, enlist the help of the older sibling to make them giggle, and shoot away!




Create a Spot for Older Babies and Toddlers to Sit

This could be by the Christmas tree, next to their cousin or sibling, or simply against a wall! We used a simple headboard, and taped the lightweight wreath to the wall, using translucent thread. We grabbed some glittery reindeer antlers, and let her sit and play! The wreath not only made a sweet and seasonal themed space, but gave baby something to interact with while she sat. She had too much fun!

Focus on the Details

In some shots, focus on their little noses, their tiny toes, or the toy they’re playing with. Grab some festive props for them to play with like this decorative garland, some Christmas lights, or a seasonal stuffed animal, and allow them to play while you shoot! (Just make sure you pay close attention to baby if you pose them with a strand of lights or garland, to ensure their safety at all times!)

Take Advantage of a Sleepy Baby

A sleepy baby may bum you out when you’re aiming for perfect photos, but a sweet slumbering infant is just the cutest! Lay baby back on a soft, safe space with no more props, and continue to photograph as they doze off. Maybe tuck them into a cuddly seasonal onesie like this one! Sweet dreams!

Have Fun!

The holidays are full of love and light! Enjoy spending time with your family, and enjoy capturing memories to remember these special times. Share your favorite holiday photos with your Tula Blankets for a chance to be featured on our Instagram or Pinterest!

Special thanks to our wonderful photographers at Acqua Photo for all of our beautiful photos, and for their creativity and dedication in picking the perfect props, outfits and locations! <3

What Makes Tula Baby Blankets So Soft?



We have defined ourselves by creating items that not only help families express love for their little ones, but also express a signature aesthetic and distinct care. When we first felt the fluid softness of the viscose material used to make our Tula Baby Blankets, we knew that our community would not only experience love at first sight, but also fall in love with the care and quality that defines them.

Each Tula Baby Blanket is made, lovingly, from 100% Viscose; produced from specially processed bamboo pulp. Viscose is commonly used to create clothing and, in the form of our Tula Baby Blankets, has a distinct softness that is almost liquid in its drape and texture.

Viscose is an American invention, developed in the early 1900’s and was created as an accessible substitute for silk. Viscose is almost a hybrid of natural and synthesized materials creating a fiber that allows for vibrant bold colors and designs, alongside cool softness that feels amazing against you and your loved one’s skin. Due to our weaving process, we’re able to create a luxuriously soft fabric that is breathable while maintaining a substantial thickness and durability.

All of the fabrics used used to create our Tula Baby Blankets comply to very strict Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification. Every Tula Baby Blanket that is made with viscose, from bamboo, has passed rigorous standards, complying even with the regulations of medical products. This extensive testing not only ensures the exclusion of harmful chemicals but also includes criteria for the environmental safety, energy saving, and safe work environments utilized in the production of the materials. Furthermore, the dyes used for coloring the blanket fabric are ecological and completely safe.


The lightweight nature of the yarns and the looser weaving style we use allow us to produce a porous, distinctly soft fabric with multiple gorgeous designs. This unique combination can also make our blankets more susceptible to minor cosmetic variations than a weave with a thicker or less delicate yarn, like our signature woven wraps.

These characteristics, while visible, are common for the material and weaving process and don’t take away from the quality and beauty of your Tula Baby Blanket. Below, are some examples of some of the variations you may see on your Tula Baby Blanket:

Thread Shift

blanket_1 blanket_2


blanket_3 blanket_4

Washing your baby blanket will not only help make these variations less visible, but a wash will make your blanket fluff up with softness. Tula Baby Blankets and should be washed with care. Wash in cold water, on delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat separate from other articles of clothing that could potentially snag or tear the delicate fabric of the blanket. Only use non-chlorine bleach as needed and avoid ironing. It is natural for this fabric to experience some shrinkage upon washing.

We hope that you show your blanket plenty of love! Our extra soft Tula blankets are made for cuddling and enjoying with your family. Over time the fabric will be become plush and more pillowy; and we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes your baby’s most favorite lovey!

A Tula Carrier as Cool as You!

Tula Jet

Becoming a parent is a life changing event. For many, welcoming that new addition can drastically change the way you see yourself. We aim to make baby carriers that are not only highly functional and comfortable, but also beautiful and a way for parents to express their personal style. You, our loyal fans, are always telling us that wearing a Baby Tula carrier can do more than just get you through the day. It can give you confidence, it can bring a bit of joy, it frees up your hands to get more done, and it can help you express yourself.  For these reasons, we are always looking for more ways to excite our community with new styles, patterns, and designs.

Baby Tula has been using woven wraps to make carriers since our early days, because we wanted to combine their unique, beautiful designs, with the ease and intuitive use of our buckle carriers. As many of you may know, our wrap conversion carriers are often difficult to get ahold of because of their popularity and a production process that is lengthy, limiting the number of carriers we are able to produce. While we will continue to produce our much loved wrap conversion Tula baby carriers and host regular releases for them, we’re happy to offer a new variation of our canvas Tula baby carrier that has a similar aesthetic of a wrap conversion Tula baby carrier, yet will be more accessible (for your budget, too). We are excited to introduce our first fully-printed Tula Baby Carrier, ‘Jet’. ‘Jet’ has a full printed canvas exterior featuring a cool, modern plus sign pattern, with a light gray canvas interior and detachable hood.


The fully-printed Tula Baby Carriers use high quality, sturdy printed fabric on the outer portion of the straps, body panel, and waistband to create an appearance similar to our wrap conversion carriers. The interior is lined with solid colored soft brushed canvas. These Tula Baby Carriers have the same structural design as our current soft structured baby carriers and will be available in both Standard and Toddler sizes.

Specialty printed fabrics and our attention to detail and design means that this more accessible answer to your wrap conversion carrier desires doesn’t compromise on quality and comfort. With the availability and added flexibility of printed fabric, we will be able to make fully-printed Tula baby carriers in greater quantities than our wrap conversion Tula carriers and at a more accessible price point. Tula baby carriers with the full print design will retail for $159 USD, for the Standard size and $179 for the Toddler size.


Stay tuned for the release of ‘Jet’ along with additional unique and creative designs for the other fully-printed Tula baby carriers that we are already working on. Each is being designed to reflect different personalities, moods, and aesthetics. We hope that this version of our Tula baby carrier will be another way to make you feel confident and feel like you! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to future previews and announcements for this creative line of carriers. 

Tula “Jet” will be available in Standard and Toddler size on August 2nd on and at specialty retailers.