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What’s the difference between Semi, Half and Full Wrap Conversions?

Difference Between Wrap Conversions

A common question asked regarding Baby Tula Wrap Conversions is “what’s the difference between the different types?” We created the following graphic to help show you the differences!

While our ‘regular’ Standard, Toddler and Free-to-Grow carriers are made with canvas and twill fabric, our Wrap Conversion Carriers are made using popular woven wraps. The prices vary due to additional cost in sourcing woven wraps. Wrap Conversion Carriers were made for babywearers who love the look and feel of woven wraps but want the simplicity of a buckle carrier.

There are 3 types of wrap conversions: Full, Half, and Semi – while the Half and Full also come in Coast variations!

  • The Full Wrap Conversion is made entirely out of woven wrap material meaning shoulder straps, body panel and waistband are all made with a woven wrap, front and back. (also comes with Coast mesh panel)
  • The Half Wrap Conversion is made with the woven wrap on the outside of the shoulder straps, body panel and waistband, and has canvas material on the inside.The canvas reinforces the wrap which can make it more supportive. (also comes with Coast mesh panel)
  • The Semi Wrap Conversion is made with the woven wrap only on the panel of the body and canvas on the shoulder straps and waistband.
  • The Coast version of the Wrap Conversion is made with a center panel of breathable mesh and a mesh hood. This version provides added airflow.

When it comes down to it, all Baby Tula Carriers will support your baby and/or toddler ergonomically and comfortably, canvas, semi, half or full!

Want to learn more about our Wrap Conversion Carriers? Visit our Wrap Conversions 101 blog post!

15 Times We Proved Tula ‘Sleepy Dust’ Is Real

15 Times We Proved Tula ‘Sleepy Dust’ Is Real

Have you heard that Baby Tula products come packed with magic ‘sleepy dust’? Well, we have 15 photos to prove that the ‘sleepy dust’ is REAL!

Share your sleepy dust photos with us using the hashtag #tulasleepydust!

1. When ‘sleepy dust’ and magnificent transfer skills combine!

Heart Shaped transfers never get old 💗 #tulawoven #migaloodelight #toddlerwearing #tulababycarriers #acidwash

A photo posted by Marisol Hernandez (@cush_factor) on

2. ‘Sleepy dust’ hit in the middle of Target…more time for perusing!

The best trips to #target are when your baby naps the whole time, am I right? 🙌🏻

A photo posted by Jessica 🌿 (@jessicajeanwalters) on

3. Our Tula Baby Blankets come jam-packed with ‘sleepy dust’ too!

4. Team Tula children are NOT immune to ‘sleepy dust’!

5. Don’t confuse sand with ‘sleepy dust’ from our baby carriers!

Strolling along with my favorite little people 🐕👶🏼👶🏼🐠🐚💦

A photo posted by Brittany (@mermaama) on

6. Dancey Dolls Stomp Ring Sling ‘sleepy dust’ in full effect!

snoozing at the beach 🌊

A photo posted by stephanie s (@_heystephanie) on

7. Mom + Archer Baby Carrier = ‘sleepy dust’ to the extreme!

8. Even Ula can’t keep the ‘sleepy dust’ away from her children!

9. When transferred successfully, the ‘sleepy dust’ stays strong!

🙏🏻 #tula #tulababycarriers #tulatransfer #babywearing #wearthem #didibobs #successfultransfer

A photo posted by d i d i b o b s (@didibobs) on

10. No matter where you are, Tula Baby Blankets can emit ‘sleepy dust’ powers!

11. The power of ‘sleepy dust’ can work on twins too, especially with the help of a handy Tula Ring Sling!

12. Watch out! ‘Sleepy dust’ can hit in unexpected places!

13. Another Team Tula child is hit hard by the Woven Wrap ‘sleepy dust’!

Dorothy with Oz 💕#tuladorothy #tulalovecollective #babywearing #backcarry

A photo posted by Priscilla Parra (@priscilla_with_two) on

14. Ring Sling ‘sleepy dust’ works extra hard to help when your loved one doesn’t feel well!

15. Tula Baby Blanket ‘sleepy dust’ helps with newborn photo shoots!

Do you believe us now? Share your sleepy dust photos with us using the hashtag #tulasleepydust!

Tula Toddler Carrier: As Your Journey Continues
Our Toddler Tula Carrier has a weight range of 25 pounds - 60pounds.

Our Toddler Tula Carrier has a weight range of 25 pounds – 60pounds.

When a child is born, their needs can often be simple. As their caregiver, we can change their diaper, feed them, and comfort them to sleep. Yet as they grow, their wants and needs may become more complex and unique to their character. We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk. Safety, security, and connection are all intuitive needs from birth and continue to be important to you and your child throughout their lives.

For some, this translates to a longer babywearing journey. In particular, we know that there are children with special needs that greatly benefit from having the option to be carried securely in a carrier. For these children and families, we have adjusted our official weight limit of the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier from 25-50 pounds to 25-60 pounds. Soon, you will start to see our Toddler carriers sold with the updated weight range on our labels and in the instruction booklets.

The Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years.

The Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years.


Structurally, nothing about the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has changed and our carriers have been thoroughly tested to this higher recommended weight limit. While our design and structure has not changed, we recently made the decision to evaluate our recommended weight limit. We have seen the desire expressed for safe, comfortable Tula options for wearing a larger child and have therefore chosen to set our maximum manufacturer’s recommended weight limit at 60 pounds.

At Baby Tula, we support all families and believe that the comfort, bonding and perspective that “toddlerwearing” or “bigkidwearing” brings can be especially beneficial to those with special or customized needs, regardless of age. While some parents may not find it necessary to wear their older child, we want you to know that the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years. For those times when a long walk is too much for little legs, a new place presents new fears, or a visit to the hospital requires extra long cuddles.

We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk.

We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk.

This adjustment to our weight limit also serves as an affirmation that the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier is really designed for larger children. The larger panel of the Toddler Carrier will not comfortably begin to fit a child until they are at least 32 inches and wearing 2T pants. Meeting the minimum weight or being a certain age should not be the only factors you consider when selecting the best carrier for your child. With a weight range of 15 – 45 pounds, our Standard Tula Baby Carrier is an excellent choice for a family who is looking for just one carrier to use during their most active babywearing period. We are delighted to be able to offer a variety of carriers that benefit a family wherever they are on the path of parenthood. Check out our ‘best baby carrier option for you’ comparison chart on our website.

New to Tula Wrap Conversions?

What are Wrap Conversions?

We often hear members new to the babywearing community asking “What are Tula Wrap Conversions and why are they so special?!?” And the truth is, it’s quite complicated, so we thought we’d share some insights to FAQs:

How did they start?

As most of you know, Baby Tula was born from the search for an ergonomic, comfortable AND stylish babywearing option. Our founders’ love for the artistry in babywearing inspired the concept of crafting our baby carriers utilizing beautiful and unique woven wraps from across the world.

How are they different from other Baby Tula Carriers?

Tula Baby Carriers and Wrap Conversion Carriers are structurally the same and offered in the same sizes: Standard, Toddler, and soon the Free-to-Grow. However, rather than using printed cotton fabric, Tula Wrap Conversion carriers are made using material that has been woven together to create richly detailed or intricate designs. While offering the ease of a soft structured buckle carrier, these carriers celebrate the textile artwork and unique feel of woven wrap material.


How are Baby Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers made?

Multiple visionaries come together to create every single Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier, beginning with the variety of woven wraps that are sourced from around the world. Each woven wrap is creatively and thoughtfully designed with the intention of producing a functional art piece. Sometimes hand loomed, in very small amounts, by one person. And other times, produced by manufacturers who have a long tradition in textiles and combine gorgeous patterns and designs into the weave of each wrap. Even the threads used to weave each woven wrap are examined and selected based on their fiber content, their weight, their color, and the way they move. Each of these factors contribute to how the finished woven wrap will feel, and influences the pattern or design that will be woven into them. Companies and weavers are researched and approached in hopes that they would be equally excited to see their textile pieces transformed into Tula Baby Carriers. In some very special cases, like with Cameo and Angel of Meeyoo Handwoven, we work in unison to develop a specific woven wrap design to be produced for Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers.

Once the woven wrap material is acquired, our Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers are crafted at our production facility in Bialystok, Poland, where our company was founded. Each Wrap Conversion Carrier is handmade, start to finish, by one single seamstress. Many of these seamstresses have been working with Baby Tula since our beginnings and often knew Ula, our founder, since she was growing up. With profound care and attention to the woven wrap design placement, each Tula Wrap Conversion effortlessly expresses the combination of artistry and function. Long fluid pieces of woven wrap material are transformed into a soft structured carrier when combined with our distinct streamlined design, soft padding and webbing.

What are the differences between “Full,” “Half,” and “Semi” Wrap Conversions?

Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers come in different ‘styles’. Most commonly ‘Full’ and ‘Half’ Wrap Conversion Carriers; and occasionally as ‘Semi’. Each style uses a different amount of woven wrap to create the carrier. The full wrap conversion is made entirely out of woven wrap material meaning shoulder straps, body panel and waistband are all made with a woven wrap, front and back. A full Wrap Conversion Carrier is amazingly soft and moldable, and is a customer favorite! The half wrap conversion is made with the woven wrap on the outside of the shoulder straps, body panel and waistband, and has canvas material on the inner shell of the carrier. Some find that the canvas reinforces the woven wrap to make it feel more supportive. The semi wrap conversion is made with the woven wrap only on the panel of the body and canvas on the shoulder straps and waistband. Visit our blog post with a graphic of how the different Wrap Conversions look.

What is a “Fancy” Wrap Conversion?

In very limited quantities, we are able to ascertain highly sought after, rare, and/or handwoven wrap material. Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers made using these woven wraps are commonly known as “Fancies”. These ultra-special woven wraps, used to make ‘Fancies’, are often created by hand on a loom, by one person. The process of weaving a woven wrap by hand is both gorgeous and very work intensive. It takes many hours to complete and typically involves a long planning and execution process. Often these woven wraps are hand-dyed, or even hand-painted, creating stunning works of art. Some machine woven woven wraps are considered “fancy” because of the high quality or extremely specialized material used to produce them. As a reflection of the longer, specialized production or the rarity of the materials, these woven wraps typically retail for much more than the other machine woven wraps we use to produce our Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers.


How much do Wrap Conversion Carriers cost?

Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers begin at $250 and can go up to $850 if they are a highly-exclusive ‘Fancy” Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier.  The prices vary due to additional cost in sourcing woven wrap material to create this specialty line and the amount of woven wrap used to create each carrier. The woven wraps we use to create our wrap conversion carriers can range in price based on the material, length, and rarity.

While this specialty style of Tula Baby Carriers has been both popular and limited, we have been working to provide more opportunities to own a Tula Wrap Conversion. We know how much special meaning, affection, and joy that our Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers can bring someone, because we share in the delight! We feel so honored that we can continue to produce these special carriers and help to make your Babywearing years that much more special.

Are Wrap Conversions always sold out? How can I buy one?

Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers are listed on our website,, every other Sunday at 3pm PST. We also love to surprise our customers with “surprise stockings”, which are announced on our Facebook page. And while these carriers do sell out very quickly, we have these regular releases to help make them more attainable. You can find a guide with helpful tips in the community fan group Tula Love. Be sure to set notifications to see when we announce our Tula Wrap Conversion releases, on Facebook!

Baby Tula Celebrates the San Diego Zoo Centennial Celebration!
San_Diego_Zoo_007 (1)

When we were approached by San Diego Zoo Global to produce a special Tula Baby Carrier for the Zoo’s Centennial celebration, we knew it would be a perfect collaboration. Ula, founder of Baby Tula, and her family have long been San Diego Zoo members and love visiting the Zoo often with a Tula in tow. A Tula carrier that showcased the San Diego Zoo Centennial logo not only would make for a vibrant and gorgeous Tula, but it would also be a way for us to give support to a locale that has meant so much to us, personally, and for our community of families.

The San Diego Zoo has long been a much loved destination for families. While visiting the Zoo, being able to hold your child close in a baby carrier while you enjoy the sights and excitement of the zoo makes the experience all the more interactive and memorable. The elevated perspective while being carried makes it much easier for your little one to see many of the animals and communicate with you in your shared experience. And, on a very basic level, wearing your baby at the Zoo makes the various terrains more accessible to you and small children. Locally, it is very common for babywearing families and friends to meet at the Zoo for playdates!


With the natural synergy of babywearing and zoo visits in mind, Baby Tula and the San Diego Zoo came together to develop a limited edition carrier to allow families to enjoy babywearing at the Zoo while commemorating the anniversary of the Zoo’s inception 100 years ago. The ROAR! carrier features the iconic Centennial Celebration logo embroidered on the main panel of a light gray Tula carrier and provides comfort with intuitive, versatile adjustments.

Along with being able to create a beautiful carrier for the San Diego Zoo Centennial celebration, we also wanted to give back to the world famous zoo and the amazing animals we see during our many visits. As part of our shared commitment to conserving wildlife, 10% of proceeds from purchases of ROAR! made online at will be contributed back  to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy, up to $10,000. The Wildlife Conservancy provides support for wildlife conservation efforts at the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Their international field programs operate in over 35 countries on 6 continents. To date, 43 animal species have been reintroduced back into native habitats, and many more are being protected here and abroad.

Based on the Tula communities’ love for baby wearing at the Zoo, the team at Baby Tula has organized an official “Tula at the Zoo” day on May 21, 2016, encouraging families across the world to visit their local zoo and share their favorite carrier shots. Those visiting the San Diego Zoo that day will have the opportunity to meet Team Tula, try the new ROAR! carrier, and be entered for the opportunity to win future admission for (4) four, including special a “Inside Look Tour”.

The ROAR! Carrier can be purchased online at or at select retail locations in San Diego County beginning May 13th, 2016.