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#MyTulaStory: Allie Vella

Each parenting story is unique and deeply personal, looking very different even from child to child. As we strive to provide items that give parents confidence and support, we’re so honored to be by your side for it…even if just for a moment. Perhaps your Tula is a staple item in your everyday activities, or maybe discovering our carriers opened your world to a community, lifestyle or different path. We love hearing your stories and we are excited to be alongside you from chapter to chapter.

In honor of our Tula Kids Backpacks, a new Tula item that let’s us continue to be part of your parenting journey, we wanted to share stories from our own Team and Tula fans that reflect how Baby Tula intertwines with babywearing and parenting. Today, we share Allie’s #mytulastory. Allie is one of our long time Baby Tula employees who started off as a passionate new parent.

What’s your story? We want to read more stories under the #mytulastory hashtag! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and share your stories with us!

1) How did your babywearing journey begin?

My friend Carla introduced me to the idea of babywearing when we were both pregnant in 2013. I attended a local babywearing meeting before my son was even born and started learning how to wrap and how to use all different carrier types. I was hooked on babywearing before I even gave birth!

2)    When did you learn about Baby Tula Carriers? What were some of your initial reasons for liking them?

Tula is a local company to me, pretty new back in 2013, and had a great reputation. The carrier really appealed to my aesthetics and I enjoyed the sense of community that surrounded them.

3)    How did you begin to work for Baby Tula?

I left my previous career when my son was 9 months old because it wasn’t a sustainable field for me to be in with an infant. I wanted to work someplace that was baby and family friendly and whose mission I had passion for. I was so lucky to land a position at Tula during a very exciting time of growth for the company.

4)    What is something that you love about Baby Tula and/or the community?

I love how colorful it is and seeing how there are so many ways for people to express their individuality through their Tulas!

5)    As your child grows, what’s a lasting memory or idea you’ve gained during your babywearing days?

So many memories! But mostly I will always cherish the countless memories of my son sleeping on me in a carrier and feeling his sweet breathing on my skin.

6)    What excites you about Baby Tula now?

Bringing new products to the market, like this backpack, that can keep the Tula love going with families who may have grown out of babywearing. I love that I am able to stay part of the community and share in the excitement still.

7)    What’s something people might not already know about you (in relation to Baby Tula)?

The carrier “Vivian” was named for my grandmother.

8) Do you have a “unicorn”/DISO (Desperate In Search Of)? Do you own it?

My DISO has always been a Xela or Vice Versa crème weft diamond weave Wrap Conversion – I was recently finally able to score one after 4 years, but I bought it for my sister and niece instead of myself 🙂

9) Is there a Tula item that you have that has special meaning to you?

My first wrap conversion carrier – we will keep it forever!

Thank you, Allie! Rocky, Allie’s son, is seen wearing our ‘Play‘ and ‘Rainbow Showers‘ Tula Kids Backpacks; along with one of our ‘Clever’ Tula Mini Toy Carriers.

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Baby Tula at WEAR 2016

Last week, several team Tula members attended the first annual WEAR Conference, a conference dedicated to safe, comfortable and accessible babywearing education. We were delighted to be there to attend educational sessions, exhibit our products, and connect with our peers and fellow enthusiasts in the babywearing community.

Conferences and events related to babywearing are a wonderful way to celebrate gathering communities and share special items to commemorate the unique opportunity to interact with our loving community in person. To celebrate, Tula created a limited edition carrier ‘Wearfore Art Thou’ and also previewed our limited edition woven wrap ‘Tula Love’ Blanc; a ‘natty’ tencel blend woven wrap.

WEAR was a great opportunity for us to connect not only with exhibitors and organizations, but also so many educators and babywearing enthusiasts who shared their knowledge and personal stories with us. One special attendee that we were delighted to meet was the founder of ErgoBaby, Karin Frost. She spoke about her beginnings and how she now enjoys seeing her confident fifteen-year-old son – the first “ergobaby” – navigate the world with a calm, compassionate manner.

As sponsors of the event, we also had the opportunity to sponsor speakers and experts to present during the conference sessions:

  • Benefits of Babywearing for Non-Gestational Parents, presented by MaryEllen Olson; and
  • Using Babywearing to Support Breastfeeding Goals, presented by Jay McMillin

We believe that these types of informational sessions help us share as a community how babywearing truly goes beyond function. To see the other topics and speakers from the weekend, please visit


The WEAR conference also included a special awards ceremony that highlighted contributions made by individuals and organizations that were positively impacting the babywearing community. One particular award that stood out was the lifetime achievement award that went to the late Erika Hoffman, founder of Didymos, an early influencer and business woman that played a major role in introducing babywearing to the Western world.

Baby Tula was also pleasantly surprised to be awarded the Community Appreciation award for manufacturers in the babywearing industry! Ula and the team were so happy to receive this award because, as a community-voted award, it meant so much to feel the appreciation! We’re so thankful for each and every family that wears a Tula and allows us to be apart of their parenting journey.


We look forward to our next event, the International Babywearing Conference and to next year’s WEAR conference!

Baby Tula Celebrates the San Diego Zoo Centennial Celebration!
San_Diego_Zoo_007 (1)

When we were approached by San Diego Zoo Global to produce a special Tula Baby Carrier for the Zoo’s Centennial celebration, we knew it would be a perfect collaboration. Ula, founder of Baby Tula, and her family have long been San Diego Zoo members and love visiting the Zoo often with a Tula in tow. A Tula carrier that showcased the San Diego Zoo Centennial logo not only would make for a vibrant and gorgeous Tula, but it would also be a way for us to give support to a locale that has meant so much to us, personally, and for our community of families.

The San Diego Zoo has long been a much loved destination for families. While visiting the Zoo, being able to hold your child close in a baby carrier while you enjoy the sights and excitement of the zoo makes the experience all the more interactive and memorable. The elevated perspective while being carried makes it much easier for your little one to see many of the animals and communicate with you in your shared experience. And, on a very basic level, wearing your baby at the Zoo makes the various terrains more accessible to you and small children. Locally, it is very common for babywearing families and friends to meet at the Zoo for playdates!


With the natural synergy of babywearing and zoo visits in mind, Baby Tula and the San Diego Zoo came together to develop a limited edition carrier to allow families to enjoy babywearing at the Zoo while commemorating the anniversary of the Zoo’s inception 100 years ago. The ROAR! carrier features the iconic Centennial Celebration logo embroidered on the main panel of a light gray Tula carrier and provides comfort with intuitive, versatile adjustments.

Along with being able to create a beautiful carrier for the San Diego Zoo Centennial celebration, we also wanted to give back to the world famous zoo and the amazing animals we see during our many visits. As part of our shared commitment to conserving wildlife, 10% of proceeds from purchases of ROAR! made online at will be contributed back  to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy, up to $10,000. The Wildlife Conservancy provides support for wildlife conservation efforts at the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Their international field programs operate in over 35 countries on 6 continents. To date, 43 animal species have been reintroduced back into native habitats, and many more are being protected here and abroad.

Based on the Tula communities’ love for baby wearing at the Zoo, the team at Baby Tula has organized an official “Tula at the Zoo” day on May 21, 2016, encouraging families across the world to visit their local zoo and share their favorite carrier shots. Those visiting the San Diego Zoo that day will have the opportunity to meet Team Tula, try the new ROAR! carrier, and be entered for the opportunity to win future admission for (4) four, including special a “Inside Look Tour”.

The ROAR! Carrier can be purchased online at or at select retail locations in San Diego County beginning May 13th, 2016.


Baby Tula at BOND Conference 2016

We were delighted to attend the first BOND conference founded by Joanna McNeilly of the Center for Babywearing Studies. (Left) A sign that greeted us at the BOND conference. (Center) Ula and other attendees speaking in between presentations. (Right) Joanna McNeilly, Ula, and Dr. Phillips. (PHOTO CREDIT:

Baby Tula has long been committed to education and exploring how babywearing can be valuable to families. We believe that encouraging the bond between babies and their caregivers not only benefits individual families, but that these benefits ripple out in our communities. With this core value in mind, we recently attended the first BOND conference coordinated by Joanna McNeilly of the Center for Babywearing Studies (CBWS). Ula, founder of Baby Tula, was joined by some of the CBWS certified babywearing educators on the Tula staff to attend this 3 day conference.

The conference focused on the mechanisms of human bonding and how it related to infants and caregivers. How it works, what it provides, and why it is significant to families and people involved in early child and family development. Some of the topics covered by the highly accomplished speakers included:

  • the myriad of benefits and ways in which oxytocin, the hormone essential to human bonding, affects caregiver and child both physically and socially
  • infant and caregiver contact through baby carrying, and the long-term benefits that healthy attachment brings
  • skin to skin contact, or “Kangaroo Care” for premature babies and infants just after birth
  • healthy hip development
  • the history and benefits of “breastsleeping”.


(Left) Some of the esteemed speaks of the conference: Dr. Bigelow, Dr. McKenna, Dr. Moberg, Dr. Norholt, Dr. Phillips, and Joanna Mc Neilly. (Center) Ula and Dr. McKenna, leading authority on mother-infant co sleeping and breastfeeding. (Top Right) Group discussion which incorporated speaker, Dr. Bigelow. (Bottom Right) Group discussion with Dr. McKenna. (PHOTO CREDIT:

Each day ended with small group discussions that not only provided as a recap of the most pertinent information shared but also allowed attendees to share reflections and explore ways to apply the information that was shared by each of the wonderful speakers. We were truly inspired by each of the individuals we encountered from birth workers, lactation consultants, NICU nurses, babywearing educators, and other manufacturers who are working to support the bond between caregivers and children.

From the BOND conference, we left with a deeper understanding of how carrying your child benefits families. Beyond the first hours, infant and caregiver contact provides positive outcomes that can be seen up until adulthood for the child. It also positively affects the caregiver through instilling confidence, lowering blood pressure, decreasing occurrence of maternal mental illness, increasing probability and duration of breastfeeding, and many other ways. As a company who has always believed that babywearing facilitates significant physiological and emotional development (in addition to feeling so nice and snuggly), we are even more empowered in our mission after learning in-depth about the scientific and anthropological research that supports these beliefs as fact.

(Left) A group photo from the last day of the BOND conference. (Top Right Left) Ula and Wrapping Rachel! (Top Right Right) Team Tula member in a small group discussion (Bottom Right) Team Tula members participating in small group discussions. (PHOTO CREDIT:

We are so thankful to all of the organizers and volunteers who made the first BOND conference such a success. We were inspired by each speaker and attendee and look forward to incorporating the information and experiences we gathered from the conference and sharing them with the Tula community. We are also looking forward to the next BOND conference and other educational and community events we will be attending soon!