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Summer Style Guide

As the weather heats up and you are outside more, your baby carrier is a must have! Check out some of our favorite summer styles, and comment below what is your favorite Tula for summer!


4th of July Style Guide

Whether you’re attending the community fireworks, going camping, or just hanging out in the back yard, the 4th of July is a fun and relaxing day for families across the US. We pulled together a little red, white, and blue inspiration on all your celebration adventures. Tag us @tulababycarriers on Instagram with your holiday festivities, and we might share your photo!


Proud Tula Families: Allie and Lisa

At Baby Tula, we celebrate the vast diversity that defines family. We think a main component of what makes a family is LOVE. So we wanted to take an opportunity in June, Pride month, to kick off a new blog series that celebrates all the diverse forms of family. We start with one family that is near and dear to us! Team Tula member Allie and her wife, Lisa, share about welcoming their son, Rockwell, and a bit of advice for same sex couples considering parenting.

Can you share a bit about your ow personal love story?

Allie: Hmmm, it sounds more scandalous than it actually was! We first met when I was a student in one of Lisa’s photography classes at a community college. Our shared love of analog black and white photography is what brought us together.

How did you decide you were ready to become parents?

Lisa: I always wanted to be a parent, but hadn’t met the right person for the journey. I have also experienced lots of personal growth that made me more confident. I knew that Allie would be an excellent partner to help & guide me throughout our parenting.

What’s something special or memorable about your experience of welcoming your child? 

Allie: We have a room in our house that is small but has a lot of beautiful natural light and is decorated in all white with a few blue accents – we used to call it “the cloud”. Rockwell was born at home in this room and part of his birth story that he likes to tell is that he was born in a cloud. 

Lisa: I cherish that Rockwell was born at home and in the cloud.

What is something you have learned since becoming a parent. 

Allie: Prior to becoming a parent I had all sorts of ideas about how children should be raised and thought I had it figured out. After having a baby I realized that I had no idea what I had been talking about! I have learned to accept that the only thing constant with kids is change. When I find some approach or parenting technique that works, I go with it for as long as it works and then I try to find the next thing that will work.

Lisa: My little guy has feelings and I need to honor these feelings. As adults, we can be so busy and forget this. It never ceases to amazes me how much Rockwell understand and expresses.

What does Pride mean to you and/or your family? 

Pride means Love and Freedom – not hiding who we are and celebrating people’s differences. It means justice and inclusivity and teaching our child compassion for others first and foremost.

Is there anything you would like to share with other same sex couples considering parenting? 

Go for it! Kids are amazing! Find a community of other Queer parents, either in your town or online, and start to make friends. Parenting is hard work and you will need your own close knit community.


THANK YOU, Allie and Lisa, for chatting with us. If you want to share your pride with Tula, be sure to share your stories on Facebook and Instagram with us!

Carried to Connect: Asher’s Story

At Baby Tula, we have seen, first hand, how babywearing can benefit families in countless ways; from basic tasks getting completed to helping a baby and caretaker create a lifelong bond. You share your stories and we learn of so many poignant journeys that embody our motto: Keep Doing What You Love. It’s these moments, simple and grand, that we celebrate with our community. Here, we share the special story of Asher: a cutie who is changing the face of beauty one grand smile at a time!

You might recognize Asher and his family as their story went viral when Asher was denied by a modeling agency because of his special needs. Now, after receiving a modeling contract with OshKosh B’Gosh, we chatted with Asher’s mom, Meagan, about their babywearing journey. 

Can you tell us a little bit about you, Asher, and your family?

We live in Buford, GA. My husband is 31 and works in glass and I’m 27 and am a stay at home mom. Our daughter, Addison, is 8 and is a competition cheerleader. She is also in STEM and Robotics Club and is a huge advocate for her brother and the Down Syndrome community. Asher is 15 months and loves to laugh and play with his toys. We love to go camping and our family vacation spot is the beach.


When did you first discover “babywearing” and/or baby carriers?

I discovered “babywearing” and/or baby carriers when Asher was a few months old. I was in a moms group online and kept seeing pictures of moms carrying their babies in wraps or carriers and I knew I wanted to be apart of it. Little did I know just how amazing it was until I I carried Asher in the Tula for the first time.

How has babywearing helped your family keep doing what you love?

It makes our life so much less stressful. We are able to strap Asher in and do exactly what we needed to do with our day. He can hangout or even nap if he wants. He loves being carried by all of his family including myself, my husband, and even his big sister who is 8. Our biggest adventure yet in the Tula was probably our trip to Stone Mountain. My husband and I took turns and together we hiked all the way to the top with him in the Tula. It was a fantastic day that Asher might have not gotten to be experience so young if it wasn’t for the Tula.


What would you say to a new parent? Or a parent of another child with special needs?

I would want let new parents know that if you are able to get a carrier, I highly recommend it. Not only does it keep your precious little one close to your heart and body (which they love so much), it makes your life so much easier. And we know how stressful it can be adjusting with a new baby.

I would like to tell a parent to a child with special needs that carriers are especially amazing for your little ones. Like my son Asher, a lot of babies, toddlers, and even children with special needs have low muscle tone. It may take time for them to strengthen their tone which makes their milestones such as holding their heads up, sitting up, crawling, and even walking harder to reach. These carriers will be lifesavers during those times!

Thank you Meagan and Asher for sharing their babywearing story with us! Follow their journey on Asher’s Facebook page: https://facebook.com/Ashersdownrightperfect/

Vote for the “Tula Baby Carrier” in the 2016 Cribsie Awards!

Today is the last day to cast your vote in the 2016 Cribsie Awards! Baby Tula is a finalist for “Comfiest Carrier”, under the “Gear” category and we couldn’t be more excited! The Cribsie Awards are important to us because they are decided by families just like you! Cast your vote and help Baby Tula become a 2016 Cribsie award winner! Thank you for your support!

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