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Proof that Babywearing Makes Traveling with Kids Easy!

15 Ways Babywearing Makes Travel with Baby Easier!

Whether you seek to travel the world or are taking your family on a holiday vacation, we can agree that having a comfortable baby carrier makes traveling so much easier! Maneuvering around crowds on busy streets or airports, naps while on the move, and free hands to manage your other travel needs are just a few reasons why we have found that a Tula Baby Carrier can be helpful. We’ve compiled some photos below showing proof that babywearing makes traveling with kids easy! Check out the photos below, showing the perfect combo: travel and babywearing, along with some associated travel tips!

1) Packing light? A Tula Ring Sling fits compactly in your bag and can be quickly adjusted to comfortably hold your baby!

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2) A back carry can make carrying a larger child more comfortable for long periods. It can also make it easier to see and navigate uneven terrain found on hikes or rural walks.

3) The Tula family has always loved traveling and that’s exactly why the Tula Baby Carrier was created! An ergonomic position allows for longer comfortable carrying which is what the founders of Baby Tula needed on their travels.

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4) At times, your travel style is important and what better way to make a statement then with a Tula Baby Carrier in a design you love!

5) Perhaps your travels include pets or other children that that you’ll also need a free hand for.

It’s always worth the hike from the top

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6) Many international cities or tourist destinations have narrow walkways or long walks to get to important monuments, making it difficult for little legs to manage on their own.

7) Knowing that baby is close and secure can make taking in the sights that much more relaxing.

My parents brought me on this journey when I was little and now, me to you my sweet child ♡

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8) Stairs! Do we need to say more!

9) Managing luggage and an airport is near impossible without a baby carrier!

10) Having the option of a Tula Toddler Carrier can help with older children who still need to rest.

11) From the point of view of a baby carrier, your child can also take in the sites!

12) Travel can be tough on little ones. Having the comfort of being close can help them get through the long travel days. @ricocast @getlostwith

13) Some places only a carrier can go!

All aboard the ferry to the Ferry Boat Inn! ⚓️ #perfectsunday #riverdart #mummylife

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14) Often without a car while traveling, a Tula Baby Carrier can help make using public transport easy!

15) With baby in a Tula Baby Carrier, its just one less thing to have to hold onto!

SAFE TRAVELS and be sure to share your additional travel tips with us!

Babywearing in the Heat

Tips for Babywearing in the Heat

Summer is here with its incredible adventures! From getting chores done around the house while wrangling big kids home from school, to traveling with family and friends… babywearing becomes a necessity! There are many babywearing options to help you and baby stay cool in the heat!

The most important thing to keep in mind is always safety, of course. According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Heath and Human Development (NICHD), infants are sensitive to temperature extremes and cannot regulate their temperatures well. For this reason, kangaroo care is often recommended for small babies who are especially susceptible to temperature instability. Babywearing can actually help small children with thermoregulation… a great thing to know year round, and something to keep in mind during hot weather!

While babywearing in and of itself can help increase the skin-to-skin time of parent and child, it is important to make sure that you are attentive while wearing your baby, and when it is warm out, you need to add attention to your child’s temperature to the list of things to consider. So how can you make sure that you are staying safe while babywearing while it is warm out?

OPTION 1: Ring Sling

If it’s really hot out, a lightweight Ring Sling can be ideal, as a ring sling is a single layer of fabric across your baby. We offer several types of ring slings, a Tencel blend for lightweight and a new Cotton blend for breathability, and as a bonus, you can use the end of the tail to cover your little one’s legs when in direct sunlight.

OPTION 2: Coast Mesh Carrier

Our Tula Coast Carrier offers a reinterpretation of our original framed panel design using breathable mesh material which creates a ventilated carrier perfectly suited for active lifestyles and warm weather locales. The mesh panel keeps wearer and baby cooler as it allows for more airflow through the carrier!

OPTION 3: Woven Wrap with Less Passes

For those who love to wrap their baby in woven wraps year-round, a single layer carry is ideal. Kangaroo Carry, Robin’s Hip Carry, and Rucksack Carry are all popular choices for warm weather wearing. When wrapping in hot temperatures, keep in mind that fewer passes means more breathability and comfort for both you and your little one.


Additional Tips to Remember

  • KEEP OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Even when you’re wearing a carrier that seems to be appropriate for the weather, keep in mind that it is always a good idea to keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time
  • USE HATS AND/OR SUNSCREEN: Hats and sunscreen can help to prevent your little one from burning
  • APPLY SUNSCREEN PRIOR TO CARRYING: If you decide to use sunscreen, we recommend applying some time before going into the sun so that you are less likely to get sunscreen in the fabrics of your carrier
  • KEEP BABY’S SKIN EXPOSED: When possible, it can help to keep baby’s skin exposed to allow for adequate air circulation. Since evaporation is an effective method of cooling, allowing baby’s sweat to evaporate off of exposed skin can help keep your little one feeling cooler.
  • USE MISTING BOTTLES: Some caregivers even use a misting bottle or gently dab with a damp towel or cloth to help cool their skin and their children’s skin.
  • WATCH FOR OVERHEATING: Watch for signs of overheating in your little one; the AAP notes that infants in danger of overheating may show signs including feeling hot to the touch (especially on their chest) or sweating.
  • STAY HYDRATED: One last important tip – get enough to drink! The younger your baby is, the higher the percentage of his or her body weight that is water, according to Whitney and Rolfes, authors of Understanding Nutrition. Since infants are more prone to dehydration in hot weather, they recommend increasing babies’ fluid intake during warmer conditions. Make sure that you and your baby drink enough water, milk, or formula to stay fully hydrated… and if you’re breastfeeding, keep in mind that you need to drink even more water than usual!
  • TAKE A BREAK: if you have any concerns about the heat, please err on the side of caution and take frequent breaks in a cooler location.

Happy (summer) babywearing!

Summer Must-Haves

Surviving Your Summer with a Baby

Summer is quickly approaching and to help you get prepared for the sun and heat with your baby, we thought we’d share our Summer Must-Haves, and to make it even better – one lucky winner will win ALL of these prizes! GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.

Baby Tula - Coast Mesh Baby Carrier

Tula Coast Carriers are designed to bring a cool ocean breeze to your day! This line of baby carriers offers a reinterpretation of our original framed panel design using breathable mesh material which creates a ventilated carrier perfectly suited for active lifestyles and warm weather locales. Coast Carriers come in Standard and Toddler sizes.

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June & January - $75 Gift Card

June & January recently released their swim line for kids! Simple, affordable and oh so stinking cute. A Girls Suit with full bootie coverage and a Boys Trunk that's not too short and not too long. Both are luxuriously soft and comfortable!

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George Hats - Trucker Hat

Protect baby's face with George Hats Trucker Hats! These adorable hats are unisex, provide UV Protection, light weight, and SnapBack for adjustable sizing with a flexible brim. Each hat is made to order so no two hats will be exactly alike and you'll have your own unique one!

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Freshly Picked - Sandals

These stylish sandals are made out of a water resistant leather upper with a durable rubber sole that's ready for summer fun! They feature custom prong-free buckles that make the sandals easy to put on and take off your child's foot!

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Subsidy Shades - Kids Shades

Have fun this summer with Subsidy Shades ultra-cute kids sunglasses! They have a variety of options from classic aviators to super fun fruit shapes!

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Two winners will be picked! See all the ways to enter below. Giveaway open from June 7 – 8, 2017 at 11:59pm PDT.

Summer Kick-Off Giveaway

11 Tips for Breastfeeding in Your Baby Carrier


Whether you are a first time mama learning how to nurse your newborn, an adoptive parent building a breastfeeding relationship, or a caregiver offering your little one a pumped or prepared bottle… no matter your circumstances, you know how special that relationship with your little one is! One of the most beneficial things about babywearing is that it offers you the opportunity to provide care and comfort for your little one while on the go. Isn’t it amazing that you can provide sustenance as well? And there is value to feeding your little one on the go as well! We’re sharing 11 of our tips on how to successfully breastfeed in your carrier!

1. Be confident – know that you are giving your child the greatest gifts: love, nourishment, and the best start to a healthy life.

2. Be patient – give yourself room and time to learn, and if you get frustrated, take a break, reconnect with your baby, and do something else that makes you happy.

3. Dress accordingly – wearing a nursing top can really help with easy access for you and baby. Check out Latched Mama for cute and simple nursing attire.

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4. Loosen up – slightly loosen your arm straps and slightly slide your waistband down for more comfortable feeding.

5. Use your hands – oftentimes breastfeeding in a baby carrier is not truly hands free, as your hands may be needed to support your baby, breast, or a bottle, but just helps to make it a bit easier and mobile.

6. Use a blanket if you prefer extra privacy – but make sure you maintain visibility of baby to ensure their airway is open.

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7. Reposition after feeding – whether they fall asleep or not, always reposition your baby to a snug, ergonomic position if you have lowered or reclined them to feed.

8. Check baby’s chin – as you latch your little one, make sure that he or she is keeping his or her chin off of her chest (you should be able to fit between 1-2 adult fingers underneath his or her chin) and that baby’s nose is free to ensure a clear airway.

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9. Ensure baby has proper support – if you are breastfeeding in a Baby Tula Ring Sling, we recommend gently lifting and supporting your baby’s weight with one arm while lifting the top ring to loosen slightly with the other hand.

10. Maintain proper positioning –  it is important to maintain the tummy-to-tummy position and keep knees higher than bottom in a deep M-position throughout the time that you are nursing.

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11. Listen to your baby – listen to your child while he or she is nursing: snoring, grunting, or other noises can be an indicator of distressed breathing, and you should unlatch and reposition if these things occur, or if you visually notice an obstructed airway for any reason, or that baby’s chin has fallen to his or her chest.

Our friend Rachel Parker shares how she breastfeeds in her Tula Baby Carrier:

Share your tips for breastfeeding in a carrier in the comments below or using the hashtag #tulateaches!

Tula Toddler Carrier: As Your Journey Continues
Our Toddler Tula Carrier has a weight range of 25 pounds - 60pounds.

Our Toddler Tula Carrier has a weight range of 25 pounds – 60pounds.

When a child is born, their needs can often be simple. As their caregiver, we can change their diaper, feed them, and comfort them to sleep. Yet as they grow, their wants and needs may become more complex and unique to their character. We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk. Safety, security, and connection are all intuitive needs from birth and continue to be important to you and your child throughout their lives.

For some, this translates to a longer babywearing journey. In particular, we know that there are children with special needs that greatly benefit from having the option to be carried securely in a carrier. For these children and families, we have adjusted our official weight limit of the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier from 25-50 pounds to 25-60 pounds. Soon, you will start to see our Toddler carriers sold with the updated weight range on our labels and in the instruction booklets.

The Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years.

The Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years.


Structurally, nothing about the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has changed and our carriers have been thoroughly tested to this higher recommended weight limit. While our design and structure has not changed, we recently made the decision to evaluate our recommended weight limit. We have seen the desire expressed for safe, comfortable Tula options for wearing a larger child and have therefore chosen to set our maximum manufacturer’s recommended weight limit at 60 pounds.

At Baby Tula, we support all families and believe that the comfort, bonding and perspective that “toddlerwearing” or “bigkidwearing” brings can be especially beneficial to those with special or customized needs, regardless of age. While some parents may not find it necessary to wear their older child, we want you to know that the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years. For those times when a long walk is too much for little legs, a new place presents new fears, or a visit to the hospital requires extra long cuddles.

We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk.

We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk.

This adjustment to our weight limit also serves as an affirmation that the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier is really designed for larger children. The larger panel of the Toddler Carrier will not comfortably begin to fit a child until they are at least 32 inches and wearing 2T pants. Meeting the minimum weight or being a certain age should not be the only factors you consider when selecting the best carrier for your child. With a weight range of 15 – 45 pounds, our Standard Tula Baby Carrier is an excellent choice for a family who is looking for just one carrier to use during their most active babywearing period. We are delighted to be able to offer a variety of carriers that benefit a family wherever they are on the path of parenthood. Check out our ‘best baby carrier option for you’ comparison chart on our website.