A common question asked regarding Tula’s is what’s the difference between the different types and this graphic made by Tula-mama Jodi from Sweet Little Lemon is a great illustration of the differences. Both the ergonomic Tulas and wrap conversion Tulas are made exactly the same structurally and size-wise.




 The main difference is the ergonomic Tulas are made with a sturdy canvas and quality fabric prints, whereas the wrap conversion Baby Tulas are made using popular woven wraps. The prices vary due to additional cost in sourcing woven wraps. Wrap conversion Tulas were made for babywearers who love the look and feel of woven wraps but want the simplicity of a buckle carrier.

There are 3 types of wrap conversions: full, half, and semi.

The full wrap conversion is made entirely out of woven wrap material meaning shoulder straps, body panel and waistband are all made with a woven wrap, front and back.

The half wrap conversion is made with the woven wrap on the outside of the shoulder straps, body panel and waistband, and has canvas material on the inside.The canvas reinforces the wrap which can make it more supportive.

The semi wrap conversion is made with the woven wrap only on the panel of the body and canvas on the shoulder straps and waistband.

When it comes down to it, all Tula’s will support your baby-toddler ergonomically and comfortably, canvas, semi, half or full.