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Roseville Babywearers – Tulas Unite

We are thrilled to welcome the next featured community, Roseville Babywearers!

Roseville Babywearers, or RBW, as they are known, are located in Roseville, California, and offer a lending library, free help at meetings, and plenty of local meet ups to spread the babywearing love in Northern California!  They serve over 1,300 people in Placer County and its surrounding communities!  Roseville Babywearers is led by an amazing volunteer team of educators and leaders (Camille Potter, Samantha Daniel, and Ashley Brostrom) who work hard to rally their local babywearing community and offer best practice babywearing instruction and support.

One of the volunteer babywearing educators of the group, Ashley Brostrom, organized an event on March 9th at Royer Park to bring Tula Lovers in Northern California the chance to come together for a play date of Tulas in the wild.

According to co-leader and founder Camille Potter, Rosevile Babywearers has many members asking about Tulas and has two canvas standards and a canvas toddler size Tula in the lending library.  This event was coordinated to facilitate fellowship, but also to allow Tula lovers come together to try on different sizes and designs for fit and function.  According to Camille, “The weather was warm and spring sure seems to be here. All of our toddlers and big kids enjoyed getting out side and playing at the park.”

Here’s what RBW’s members have to say about Tula and how the mission of Tula has impacted their community:

Joining my local babywearing community and attending events like this has been such a wonderful experience! The Tula love brings so many parents together and this event was a blast! Spending time with friends and meeting new mamas who I already know I have something huge in common with is always fun!
– Sierra Uhrich

“I really appreciate Tula’s efforts to get their baby carriers out to lending libraries like ours, and offering the awesome discount and giveaways that they do. In doing so, we have luckily been the recipients of a ring sling giveaway, and we currently have 3 tulas in our lending library with hopes to add more thanks to the generous LL discount offered by Tula. Since these are probably our most popular carriers, I really do enjoy helping parents and babies find the size they need and helping them acheive the proper fit. I am personally a huge addict of Tulas myself and I love sharing the Tula Love to other parents. We have new parents join the group on a daily basis asking about Tulas and it has been so wonderful to be able to say “we can rent you one! Try before you buy.” It’s an awesome resource to have, not to mention the revenue gained from the Tula rentals has enabled us to buy more carriers. “
-Ashley Brostrom

It was wonderful to not only be brought together for our love of Tula, but also for our love of baby wearing and keeping our sweet kiddos close to our hearts!
– Sarah Do

We have a strong community of moms and dads who love to wear their babies. Babywearing united us, but the bonds formed will last beyond our BW journey! I am thankful for our group and we had a blast seeing all the Tulas together, each one customized or accessorized to match our personalities! Can’t wait for Tulas Unite part 2!!
–  Tabitha Richardson

We loved seeing these fun photos from their Tulas Unite event:

Tulas Unite Group Photo 2-2 Tulas Unite Group Photo 1-2

We are thrilled to see the impact and friendships created as a result of babywearing! We know that any day when caregivers come together to support one another is a positive one! <3  #tulabuildscommunities, Roseville style!

Eyes on the Prize: In Sync with Your Baby

Have you ever found yourself watching the deep rise and fall of your baby’s chest, silent “air nursing” indicating a dream about milk, or the gentle flutter of your little one’s eyelashes? Most of us would agree – your baby is perfect in your eyes, and probably the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

It makes it even more gratifying to know that there’s a purpose and many benefits to keeping your eyes on your little one!

In the first four months, we must remain vigilant about baby’s placement at all times, but especially when he or she is being worn. Since babies have a very delicate airway, keeping him or her upright and in a high tummy-to-tummy position on the caregiver is very important. This helps to mimic the way you would hold a new baby in your arms while giving baby enough space for you to put 1-2 adult fingers between his chin and chest to allow your little one to breathe easily. If baby’s chin is pressed down toward his chest, or his nose and mouth are resting near your body, your little one’s vulnerable airway can become restricted.

For your child’s safety, ensure that baby’s head and neck are completely supported. Your little one’s face should not be covered from view at any time, and must be clear of any possible obstructions, including blankets, carrier accessories, nursing covers, or hats. If you’d like, allow her to rest her cheek gently on your chest – it can be a comfort to hear your heart – but stay aware, and ensure that her chin never falls to her chest. Check on your baby often and reposition as needed for safety and comfort.

All safety considerations of keeping your baby within line of sight aside, the great news is that positive emotional experiences with your baby, such as eye contact and talking to your little one, provide the foundation for brain development and social skills, and help forge a strong emotional connection with him! When you meet your baby’s eyes or respond to his needs, he knows that he is safe and secure.

Neurobiologist Allan Schore wrote a book called Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self, in which he examined the socioemotional results of the “attuned” relationship between baby and caregiver. Dr. Schore found that responding to baby’s feelings through sensory modalities (such as through eye contact, for instance) actually stimulates an infant’s brain, releasing a combination of chemicals that helps calm and prepare the baby for learning and development. Attachment between the parent and child, especially during the critical periods of early development, actually helps support healthy development of your child’s brain! Plus, you get to see your sweet little one’s face:

48-2CHR_6051CHR_5902050 22

Babywearing safely requires you to be in sync with your baby at all times, and being in sync with your baby helps support healthy brain development! Win-win! Keep your eyes on the prize, keep your baby nice and high and within view, attend to your little one’s needs, and know that you are giving them the best gift of all – your love and attention, and the foundation for a happy, healthy life!


Cassiopeia Guthrie is Tula’s Project Superhero and Conductor of Awesome. She brings over a decade of experience in education and a background in publicity, event management, educator training, and non-profit program administration to Team Tula. Cassiopeia has a passion for mentorship and support and a heart for service, and has been involved in the babywearing community since the birth of her older son, where she enjoys giving back by volunteering as a babywearing educator. Cassiopeia believes strongly in supporting others in gaining the skills and confidence to be successful babywearers or educators, and is an optimist who believes in integrity, ownership, kindness, and action.

Pucker up and kiss your little one!

Sweet rosebud lips, lush lashes, and sleepy sighs. How can you resist? Don’t! Pucker up and kiss that little face!

You already know that, by babywearing your little one, you’re providing your baby with an amazing gift – the gift of being close to you, to hearing your heart, to warmth, and to your kisses!

When your baby is born, it is important to be extremely vigilant about his or her placement. Babies are particularly vulnerable for the first 4 months; remember that the intent of a baby carrier is to help facilitate the same positioning that your baby would have while in your arms, so it is important to keep your baby close enough to kiss, in an upright position, with chin off of his chest.  Make sure that there is enough space between your little one’s chin and chest to put 1-2 adult fingers, in order to protect his or her delicate airway. Remain attuned to your little one – check on him or her often! – and make sure to reposition as needed to ensure optimal positioning of your baby.

Positioning your newborn safely is most important, but did you know that your actual kisses are important too?  Kissing has been shown to have many health and psychological benefits!

Among them, a study published by Hendrie and Bower in the research journal Medical Hypotheses, posited that kissing is a biological behavior which has developed evolutionarily and which helps boost immunity and control exposure to infection by allowing mothers to control the time and degree of inoculation to illness that could be dangerous to an unborn child. While this study specifically focused on intimate kissing as a biological behavior, it is a good indicator of one way that kissing might put us all at an advantage.

Kissing also benefits caregivers and babies alike in the moment. The 2012 feature “Affairs of the Lips” in Scientific American highlighted some of the benefits, one of which was suggested by a study conducted by Lafayette College psychologist Wendy Hill and her student Carey A. Wilson and shared at the Society of Neuroscience annual meeting in 2007. In this study, Hill and Wilson found a link between kissing and decreasing cortisol levels, suggesting that kissing can actually decrease stress, which in turn, can help keep you healthier! They also found, in some caregivers, kissing increases oxytocin (a hormone and neurotransmitter often called the “love hormone“).

And as for caregiver/baby specific benefits?  According to Dr. Lauren Sompayrac, retired research professor at the University of Colorado and author of the immunology book How the Immune System Works, “when a mother kisses her baby, she ‘samples’ those pathogens that are on the baby’s face. Those are ones that the baby is about to ingest. These samples are taken up by the mother’s secondary lymphoid organs like the tonsils, and memory B cells specific for those pathogens are re-stimulated. These B cells then migrate to the mother’s breasts where they produce just those antibodies that the baby needs.”  A breastfeeding mother is able to use her kisses to create a milk that is most appropriately suited to support her baby.

Kissing is great for your emotional heart, your physical heart, and the heart you carry outside of your body, and keeps your babyworn baby safe!

So what does “close enough to kiss” look like?

It looks like…


126-2  untitled-493 (1)038 CHR_6005 (1) 13 (1) Keeping your little one close enough to kiss makes sense for keeping both you and your baby safe and happy, and just feels good. So snuggle in, soak in those moments of love, and hold your baby high and close, knowing your kisses are doing a world of good!

Cassiopeia is Tula’s Project Superhero and Conductor of Awesome. She brings over a decade of experience in education and a background in publicity, event management, educator training, and non-profit program administration to Team Tula. Cassiopeia has a passion for mentorship and support and a heart for service, and has been involved in the babywearing community for over 5 years, where she gives back by volunteering as a babywearing educator for several babywearing groups and forums. Cassiopeia is an optimist who stands for integrity, ownership, kindness, and action, and who believes strongly in supporting others in gaining the skills and confidence to be successful babywearers or educators.

#tulatravels: Tulas are going traveling!

Tula Travels: Building Community Everywhere

Baby Tula has always cherished the connections and community that has grown from the love of being close to our child and enjoying the items we create. We want to share the love for babywearing with as many people as we can and support the many lovely community groups that already are providing guidance, expertise, and spaces to bring families together beyond the virtual babywearing community.

With this in mind, we have created the Tula Travels Collection, a small variety of Tula babywearing items which we are sending traveling to babywearing groups throughout the U.S. (we may expand beyond the U.S. in the future). It is a fun way for us to help local communities explore babywearing and the Tula essentials that we cherish so much.

To learn more about this collection, please read below and complete the form. If your group is eligible, we will contact you via email to discuss how we can arrange for the Tula Travels Collection to visit your group!

Who would we like to host our Tula Travels Collection: We would love to see our collection visit established “public” babywearing organizations (led by volunteers) with an active blog, website, and/or Facebook page including at least 300 members and 2 admins with positive feedback.  You should host regular babywearing meet ups that are free and open to the local community and be able to host a meet up or gathering specifically to share the Tula Travel collection while it is visiting the group (14 days).  Businesses and consultants are not eligible to apply at this time.

What you will be hosting in the Tula Travels Collection: Our Tula Travels Collection includes: a Tula Wrap Conversion Ring Sling; a Tula Baby Carrier; a Tula Toddler Carrier; a Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier; a Tula Infant Insert; and a Tula Woven Wrap.  The items in the Tula Travels Collection may change from time to time but we will always include a fun variety (in designs and blends) of the Tula offerings that we have available for purchase on our website, and they will arrive washed and ready to wear (no washing will be needed).

What we ask you to do for our Tula Travels Collection: Have fun with the Tula Travels Collection and become familiar with our line of babywearing items, host a playdate/meet up where all members in your local community are invited to feel, wear, and chat about the Tula babywearing essentials included in the collection, and post, Share, Tweet, and Blog about the collection! We hope that your group can photograph the collection while it is being hosted and we would love to see reviews or thoughts that your group has shared through social media and to be included on the Tula Blog (ensure that anyone included in photos and comments is okay with us sharing them on our blog).

What your group will receive: Your group will receive a special individual gift offer that can be raffled off at the meet up scheduled for the sharing of the Tula Travels Collection. This fun prize should go to a meeting attendee. Each babywearing group lending library is eligible for a discount on a carrier to be lent out as part of your library program as well, and best of all, the opportunity to try a variety of the babywearing essentials that Tula Baby Carriers have to offer!  Shipping for the collection, to and from your group, will be provided by Baby Tula.

The application to host the Tula Travels Collection is available here: any questions regarding this form or the Tula Travels Collection, please email us at

We look forward to continuing to support your community and to sharing the babywearing love!