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Carried to Connect: Asher’s Story

At Baby Tula, we have seen, first hand, how babywearing can benefit families in countless ways; from basic tasks getting completed to helping a baby and caretaker create a lifelong bond. You share your stories and we learn of so many poignant journeys that embody our motto: Keep Doing What You Love. It’s these moments, simple and grand, that we celebrate with our community. Here, we share the special story of Asher: a cutie who is changing the face of beauty one grand smile at a time!

You might recognize Asher and his family as their story went viral when Asher was denied by a modeling agency because of his special needs. Now, after receiving a modeling contract with OshKosh B’Gosh, we chatted with Asher’s mom, Meagan, about their babywearing journey. 

Can you tell us a little bit about you, Asher, and your family?

We live in Buford, GA. My husband is 31 and works in glass and I’m 27 and am a stay at home mom. Our daughter, Addison, is 8 and is a competition cheerleader. She is also in STEM and Robotics Club and is a huge advocate for her brother and the Down Syndrome community. Asher is 15 months and loves to laugh and play with his toys. We love to go camping and our family vacation spot is the beach.


When did you first discover “babywearing” and/or baby carriers?

I discovered “babywearing” and/or baby carriers when Asher was a few months old. I was in a moms group online and kept seeing pictures of moms carrying their babies in wraps or carriers and I knew I wanted to be apart of it. Little did I know just how amazing it was until I I carried Asher in the Tula for the first time.

How has babywearing helped your family keep doing what you love?

It makes our life so much less stressful. We are able to strap Asher in and do exactly what we needed to do with our day. He can hangout or even nap if he wants. He loves being carried by all of his family including myself, my husband, and even his big sister who is 8. Our biggest adventure yet in the Tula was probably our trip to Stone Mountain. My husband and I took turns and together we hiked all the way to the top with him in the Tula. It was a fantastic day that Asher might have not gotten to be experience so young if it wasn’t for the Tula.


What would you say to a new parent? Or a parent of another child with special needs?

I would want let new parents know that if you are able to get a carrier, I highly recommend it. Not only does it keep your precious little one close to your heart and body (which they love so much), it makes your life so much easier. And we know how stressful it can be adjusting with a new baby.

I would like to tell a parent to a child with special needs that carriers are especially amazing for your little ones. Like my son Asher, a lot of babies, toddlers, and even children with special needs have low muscle tone. It may take time for them to strengthen their tone which makes their milestones such as holding their heads up, sitting up, crawling, and even walking harder to reach. These carriers will be lifesavers during those times!

Thank you Meagan and Asher for sharing their babywearing story with us! Follow their journey on Asher’s Facebook page:

Day 3: “Locally Grown” Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

“Locally Grown” Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

For our 12 days of Holiday Gift Guides & Giveaways, we focus today’s guide on gems found at a local gift shop! We are so lucky to have adorable local shops filled with goodies that we make for unique holiday gifts. So, we reached out to one of our favorite San Diego shops, Pigment, to help us with today’s guide! Who doesn’t love ‘shopping small’ for the holidays? Click on the item titles below to find each gift idea on Pigment’s website!

You can WIN all of these precious collection of products by entering on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Everyone is a winner with a special, one day 15% discount on our ‘Fawn’ Tula Baby Carrier. Use the code: LOCAL. Valid only on November 30, 2016 PST.

fawn4Tula Baby Carrier - Fawn

Fawn displays silhouettes of baby deer on a light grey canvas, accented by stylish, geometric designs on the leg padding. Fawn has a stylish feel that will add a “prance” to your walk.

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pigmentDeer Stuffed Animal

Absolutely precious, there's no better way to describe this darling deer! Snuggly and cuddly, he is artfully crafted and will soon become a family favorite!

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pastedgraphic-13Baby Bird Onesie

We just can't get enough of these sweet Baby Bird onesies. Available in three sizes and professionally screen printed on a natural colored organic American Apparel onesie. They're simple, comfortable and the perfect pairing for the Mama Bird T. Size 12-18 months.

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pastedgraphic-11Boob Burp Cloth

Free the nipple! Double sided and made with certified organic cotton, these boobie burp cloths are our newest obsession. Set of four. Made in the USA.

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pastedgraphic-14Du Iz Tak? Storybook

Make sense of their invented language and embark on an adventure with a lively group of insects as they explore the life of a plant in the humblest backyard. Carson Ellis’ detailed illustrations offer more enjoyment each time you page through this book. With a simple story line and endless possibilities, this book can be enjoyed by all!

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Day 2: New Mom Gift Guide & Giveaway

New Mom Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

We continue our 12 days of Holiday Gift Guides & Giveaways with some ideas for a new mom. Becoming a parent can be an overwhelming time: from attending to all the needs of a new baby to figuring out what are essential items for your new journey as a parent. We’ve put together a guide that includes some items that we think make great gifts for a new mom, including a Tula Baby Carrier and infant insert to help with baby’s needs!

You can WIN all of these precious collection of products by entering on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Everyone is a winner with a special, one day 15% discount on our ‘Archer’ Tula Baby Carrier. Use the code: NEWMOM. Valid only on November 29, 2016 PST.

archerTula Baby Carrier - Archer & Gray Infant Insert

Archer is a fresh modern print that instantly makes parenting cool! Archer has a repeating pattern of arrows on a gray background, accented with a mustard yellow leg padding, on light gray canvas. Paired with a gray infant insert, makes this combo a perfect bundle for a first time mom. The infant insert is required for use in the Tula Baby Carrier with a baby between 7-15 pounds.

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jujube-diaper-bagJu-Ju-Be The BFF in The Duchess

This bag will be your BFF. It will also make you new BFFs because all the other ladies will want to be your friend. It has tons of pockets and much you won’t know what to do with it all. The BFF comes with detachable shoulder straps and messenger straps. Use it any way you want! Smooches, pinkie swears, and forever friends. XOXO

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owlet-2Owlet Baby Monitor - Infant Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor

With Owlet it’s EASY and SIMPLE to monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Being the parent of a newborn is almost a superhuman task. Take some of the pressure off of yourself by enlisting an extra pair of eyes to watch over your baby while they sleep.
- Smart Sock Kit (sizes one through three)
- Sock Electronics
- Base Station and corresponding charging cords
- Exclusive access to the Owlet app

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boon-grass-lifestyleBOON Grass

A FRESH TAKE ON DRYING RACKS. From bottles to pacifiers, GRASS holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass. Water drains into the lower tray, where it's completely contained. And it's got a sweet, natural presence, like a meadow full of baby deer. Only smaller. And without the deer.
- Low-profile drying rack looks great in any kitchen
- Perfect for drying items of all shapes and sizes
- Easily holds items upright for drying while excess water collects in bottom tray
- Two-piece, easy-to-clean design

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crane-lifestyle-droplet-slate-ee-5302gr-003Crane Droplet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Slate

This half-gallon ultrasonic humidifier provides moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. The soothing cool mist helps to relieve cough, cold & flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds and dry skin and hair. 360ׄ° mist effectively humidifies small to medium sized rooms and runs whisper quiet up to 15 hours.

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Day 1: Baby’s First Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

Baby’s First Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

We begin our 12 days of Holiday Gift Guides & Giveaways thinking of one of the most memorable times: Baby’s First Holiday Season! The first time you can celebrate the holidays with your newborn can be some of the most precious times! Nothing makes you appreciate traditions and celebratory times like when you get to enjoy them with your child. Along with one of our own Tula favorite items, we have compiled a few gift ideas that we think will make for perfect gifts on your baby’s first holiday.

You can WIN all of these precious collection of products by entering on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Everyone is a winner with a special, one day 15% discount on our ‘Concentric‘ Tula Baby Carrier. Use the code: BABYSFIRST. Valid only on November 28, 2016 PST.

concentric2Tula Baby Carrier - Concentric & Black Infant Insert

We adore this modern print of repeated circles that look like they're embroidered straight on the carrier! Paired with a black infant insert, makes a perfect bundle for a newborn. The infant insert is required for use in the Tula Baby Carrier with a baby beginning at 7lbs. and until baby can comfortably sit in the carrier with they legs bent at the knee.

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dockatotDockATot Deluxe

DockATot™ is designed to be a comfy and ultra-reliable lounging dock for little ones ages 0-36 months. You can use DockATot™ for safe co-sleeping, supervised tummy time, play time, snuggle time, supervised naps, as a changing station, or really just any time you need to put baby down in a comforting spot. DockATot™ is lightweight and incredibly easy to travel with. DockATot™ provides a cozy, safe, breathable and non-toxic environment for tots anywhere they go.

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gertie2Gertie The Good Goose

Gertie has been expertly sized to fit perfectly in babies' hands and to soothe tender gums. Your baby's teething phase may be a long, and potentially difficult, time to manage. Gertie can lend her feet, her tail feathers, and her beak to your baby for pain relief and often even giggles. Gertie has a lovely quack (more of a squeak) that your baby will soon identify as their special toy's magical sound. She is soft to the touch, has a slight vanilla scent, and has contrasting colours for a quick and easy visual focus.

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hevea-star-moon-profile-0-3mth-cmykHevea star & moon pacifier

Hevea star and moon pacifier is made from 100% natural rubber latex. You don’t have to worry about PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colors - Hevea products is derived from people and planet friendly production
The pacifier is soft and gentle on your baby’s face, and contains uniquely designed ventilation holes. The hygienic solid design eliminates bacteria.

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petite-soul-shopPetite Soul Bandit + Blanket Bundle in Ladybug + Ivory

Build your Petite Soul collection with our Bonnet/Blanket Bundle! This bundle includes our Reversible Blanket in Ladybug + Ivory, one Petite Bonnet in Ladybug, and one Petite Bonnet in Ivory. This set is made of the softest 100% combed cotton jersey.Our prints are screen printed using water-based inks. The feel of the printed fabric softens after washing :).

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Taking Great Holiday Photos

Taking Great Holiday Photos

At Baby Tula we love the holidays for all the extra time we get to spend with our families! Whether it’s baby’s first Christmas, your older one is on break from school for a few weeks, or you’re traveling across the country to spend Hannukkah with your extended family, we know there will be LOTS of photo opportunities with baby this month. To help out, we’ve included some great ways to stage an adorable photoshoot, along with lots of cute inspiration.

Find a Cozy Space

In these photos, we simply have laid out the Tula Pointsettia Blanket set on top of a bed near a window. When you use a blanket as the backdrop, it doesn’t matter if your bedding matches, if the headboard is unique, or if the room is cluttered with present wrapping supplies (how do the bows end up on the dog every year?), all that really matters is some nice light, and a cute baby!

Dress your baby in something seasonal, like this onesie from Target, and grab the camera! Make some funny sounds, enlist the help of the older sibling to make them giggle, and shoot away!

Create a Spot for Older Babies and Toddlers to Sit

This could be by the Christmas tree, next to their cousin or sibling, or simply against a wall! We used a simple headboard, and taped the lightweight wreath to the wall, using translucent thread. We grabbed some glittery reindeer antlers, and let her sit and play! The wreath not only made a sweet and seasonal themed space, but gave baby something to interact with while she sat. She had too much fun!

Focus on the Details

In some shots, focus on their little noses, their tiny toes, or the toy they’re playing with. Grab some festive props for them to play with like this decorative garland, some Christmas lights, or a seasonal stuffed animal, and allow them to play while you shoot! (Just make sure you pay close attention to baby if you pose them with a strand of lights or garland, to ensure their safety at all times!)

Take Advantage of a Sleepy Baby

A sleepy baby may bum you out when you’re aiming for perfect photos, but a sweet slumbering infant is just the cutest! Lay baby back on a soft, safe space with no more props, and continue to photograph as they doze off. Maybe tuck them into a cuddly seasonal onesie like this one! Sweet dreams!

Have Fun!

The holidays are full of love and light! Enjoy spending time with your family, and enjoy capturing memories to remember these special times. Share your favorite holiday photos with your Tula Blankets for a chance to be featured on our Instagram or Pinterest!

Special thanks to our wonderful photographers at Acqua Photo for all of our beautiful photos, and for their creativity and dedication in picking the perfect props, outfits and locations! <3