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How to Store Your Baby Carriers

How to Store Your Baby Carriers

Not sure how to store your Tula Baby Carrier(s) when not in use? We asked our Tula Love Community to share how they store their baby carrier collection and they did not disappoint with the tips and tricks!

Hang on Wall Hooks

Hang by the shoulder strap – Robin P.

Make a cute, custom babywearing wall hook – Nikki M.

Custom babywearing wall hook – Shauna S.

Wall hooks can also hold Tula Torbas! – Jessica V.

Use wall hooks for your soft-structured carriers and wine racks for woven wraps – Kira C.

Line up multiple wall hooks for more storage space – Rachel C.

Add a cute sign to spruce it up – Courtney A.

Line up A LOT of hooks and color coordinate – Esther V.

Homemade babywearing wall hooks – Allie H.

On Hangers

Hang them in your closet to help coordinate with your outfit – Marisol H.

Put carriers on hangers and fold woven wraps above – Adina P.


Folded on the Shelf

Fold your carriers and woven wraps for a nice display in a cabinet – Sarah H.

Fold and stack in standing shelves for easy access – Angela J.

Other Ideas

Get a matching carrying bag to store the carrier – Denitsa N.

Baby carriers fit perfectly into wine racks! – Angela J.

How to Fold Your Baby Carrier

Not sure how to fold your baby carrier? Here’s a step-by-step graphic to show you how to keep it compact and secure!


  1. Veronica says

    Oh my gosh!!!! I can only dream of having that many tulla carriers! How does one even afford to have that many lol. I only have 1 but would LOVE more I have never seen discount or promos if there is a way to get discounts or promos I need to know

  2. All of the above tips are really good, I really like you way of define everything . thanks


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