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Introducing Tula Kids Backpacks!

Introducing Tula Kids Backpacks!

It’s no secret that the time of holding a small baby is precious and fleeting. It may take a bit of time, or perhaps you’re surprised by what seems like an overnight growth spurt, but small babies can quickly become so big. As parents, we are seeing our first “Tula babies” growing up. They are beginning to explore the world more independently, and some are even heading to school. It’s a bittersweet time because we know that as they grow, and the space between us becomes wider, we stay close and keep doing what we love together!

Our own growing “Tula babies” inspired us to seek out how we might continue on our Tula journeys and celebrate the things we enjoy most about our products…reimagined for an older child. We’ve created an adorable new line of Kids Backpacks that lets the Tula Love continue as your child heads off on their own special adventures.

The Tula Kids Backpack is produced with high-quality, water-resistant fabric and a nostalgic, European design that perfectly combines essential functions with an ultra-charming style. Our first collection includes five favorite Tula designs that have appeared on other Tula items.

Tula Kids Backpacks are absolute love because of their:

  • limited and trendsetting designs.
  • comfortable padded, adjustable shoulder straps and sliding chest clip.
  • high-quality, easy cleaning 100% polyester fabric.
  • great size for toddlerhood and beyond. (Backpacks measure 4″ deep, 9″ high and 12″ wide).
  • plenty of items fit with two extra storage pockets on the front of the backpack and a stretchy interior pocket is integrated within the main compartment.
  • easy-to-use magnetic closures, perfect for little hands.
  • interior name tag for personalization.
  • handle on the top that allows for easy holding by grown ups and children.

Our first five Tula Kids Backpacks will be available on on Tuesday, October 17th 2017, at 10AM PT. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, to learn additional details as we approach their first release!

Take a closer look at Blossom, Play, Rainbow Showers, Stickers and Stamps:

Blossom symbolizes the quickly growing and delicate beauty of a tiny baby. Bouquets of soft pink flowers are displayed amongst sprinkled dots on a navy background.


Play celebrates how babies express joy and happiness giving us their first laugh. A repeating design of tiny white hearts flutter across a mustard yellow background.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue! We have plenty of love for you! We express our love for rainbows with Rainbow Showers which has an illustration like design of rainbows and clouds on a light blue background.

Be a kid again and express yourself! Stamps is a rocking hip design filled with all sorts of fun things like race cars, lightning bolts, dinosaurs, emoticons, rocket ships, and more; on a dark stone gray background.

Stickers helps you shout out what you adore with is extra cutesy design. All things you love like: Unicorns, donuts, hearts, flamingos, and sunnies are scattered across a pop of bright pink!




#MyTulaStory: Jen Ramirez

Each parenting story is unique and deeply personal; looking very different even from child to child. As we strive to provide items that give parents confidence and support, we’re so honored to be by your side for it…even if just for a moment. Perhaps your Tula is a staple item in your everyday activities, or maybe discovering our carriers opened up your world to a community, lifestyle or entirely different path. We love hearing your stories and we are excited to be alongside you, from chapter to chapter.

In honor of our Tula Kids Backpacks, a new Tula item that let’s us continue to be part of your parenting journey, we wanted to share stories from our own Team and Tula fans that reflect how Baby Tula intertwines with babywearing and parenting. Today, we share Jen’s #mytulastory. Jen is a long time Tula fan who’s enthusiasm for our brand is infectious!

What’s your story? We want to read more stories under the #mytulastory hashtag! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and share your stories with us!

  1. How did your babywearing journey begin?

In 1994, my son Logan was born. I was an active mom, and I found that babywearing allowed me to lead a very full life while parenting.  I had a lightweight, aluminum frame carrier that took us everywhere; from the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade to the Chili Cook Off, babywearing allowed me to participate fully in life.

2. When did you learn of Baby Tula Carriers? What were some of your initial reasons for liking them?

In 2013, Laura, a dear friend who lives in Arizona, constantly raved about her Tula.  We had plans to attend MommyCon LA together and to participate in setting the babywearing world record. While there, she insisted I try her Tula-Semi Easy Care #1.

The minute I put it on, I was smitten. It felt so differently on my body than any other carrier I had worn before. I remember walking around while Tulaing my Elliette and thinking, “Wow!” “This is what babywearing can feel like?”  When I returned Laura’s Tula, I knew I needed my own.

I was intrigued to learn that there was a community behind Tula, something I had never before encountered with a baby product. I hopped on to Tula Love, a little Facebook group that had maybe 10,000 members, and was inspired by the amazing families who loved Tula as much as I did. Learning that Tula was a San Deigo company made me want to support them even more and I was on a mission to learn everything about Baby Tula.

Ula and Mike’s story inspired me. I was moved by their histories, encouraged by their commitment, and energized by their passion!  I wanted everyone to know how amazing this carrier was, and that it was created by the most generous, hardworking, wonderful people.

3. How did you begin to support/represent Baby Tula?

I was spreading the Tula love on a regular basis long before being asked to be an Ambassador. I attended Tula events, cheering from the rooftops about my love for this product.  My enthusiasm for Tula was undeniable and it was an enormous honor when Ula asked me to be an Ambassador.

4. What is something that you love about Baby Tula and/or the community?

This community has brought the most wonderful people into my life.  Tula helped me to find my village here in San Diego, and I am grateful for the many friendships that have grown because of it.  Additionally, I love bringing new families into the babywearing world with Tula.

5. As your children grow, what’s a lasting memory or idea you’ve gained during your babywearing days?

Lasting Idea-The knowledge that babywearing has such deep cultural roots worldwide is fascinating. It’s something anyone can do and it has undeniable benefits that can enhance any parenting experience.

Lasting Memory-I will never forget supporting Tula in the Kensington Parade!  I felt like a cheerleading, babywearing Super Woman on a mission to spread the Tula Love.

6. What excites you about Baby Tula now?

I love that Tula is now more accessible than ever.  I am thrilled with the blanket line and eager to see what’s ahead for this company.  Having been a fan for so many years, the growth alone is something that I am thrilled to have been a part of…Clearly, the best is yet to come!

7. What’s something people not already know about you (in relation to Baby Tula)?

Being a Tula fan was a true passion, and as a credentialed teacher who believes in life-long learning, it was important to me that I back up my passion with education.  In 2015, I was trained by the one and only Joanna McNeilly through the Center for Babywearing Studies.

8. Do you have a “unicorn”/DISO (Desperate In Search Of)? Do you own it?

Oh, so many DISOs, so little time.  I have found that my Tula taste has grown and changed over the years.  With my rainbow girl, Elliette, my rainbow carriers were unicorns.  I am very fortunate to have had some very generous friends who’ve allowed me to host some magnificent Tulas… me, a unicorn, is a carrier made out of a wrap that has a story that resonates with me.  For example, my SRH Con Fuoco will never leave as its story brought me to my knees.

9. Is there a Tula item that you have that has special meaning to you?

Though each of my Tula goodies have special meaning, nothing compares to the Love Soigne ring sling that Ula and Team Tula sent to me just after my daughter Willa was born.  Quite unexpectedly, we spent our first two weeks in the NICU and this ring sling was the first carrier that held my last baby, which makes it very, very special.

Thank you, Jenn! Willa, Jenn’s daughter, is seen wearing our ‘Stickers‘ Tula Backpack and her older daughter, Ava, is seen wearing ‘Play‘ and ‘Rainbow Showers‘.

Free-to-Grow Summer Collection Look Book

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier Summer Collection

Since launching just a few months ago, our Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier has had an overwhelmingly positive response from parents across the world. It’s ease of use and ability to carry a newborn without an infant insert, has made our Free-to-Grow Carrier a must have! 

Take a look at the for new Free-to-Grow Baby Carriers, below, to see how we’ve kept the designs in this next collection simple stylishly! These four, more neutral options, will compliment your everyday style while you shine! We stay bold with the Free-to-Grow’s multiple features like the breathable twill material that feels cool to the touch and does not have added bulk. 

Which print will you choose?

Effortless style describes Indigo’s solid rich color. Perfect for everyday wear, Indigo makes a simple statement in a neutral shade of blue made with our cool twill material all over, including the detachable hood.

We celebrate the cherished moments of independence with this simple, stylish design. Soar has black silhouettes of birds in flight across an olive green backdrop covering the entire carrier, including the inner shell, and the detachable hood. With support and love, your little one can soar!

A playful spirit and limitless wonder inspire our print, Imagine. Soft brushstrokes in jet black, fall across a white background, in horizontal lines. Imagine’s print is an all over design that feels classic with a touch of interest. The print continues across the inner shell of the carrier and the detachable hood.

Keep it simple with Stormy. A sophisticated color of dark gray creates an understated, yet chic, color palette for this Free-to-Grow Carrier. Stormy’s modern shade of gray is made with our cool twill material all over, including the detachable hood.


Indigo, Imagine, Soar, and Stormy will be available on on July 13th and many of our boutique retailers.

Nordstrom Exclusive: Connect and Transform

Exclusive Baby Tula Nordstrom Baby Carrier

Little things, like simplicity and a cool style, can make you feel confident in your journey as a parent. So, we’ve created two exclusive Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier prints for Nordstrom that speak to a style conscious parent.

‘Connect’ and ‘Transform’ are modern, neutral designs that complement any outfit and personality. Each print will have you feeling chic while experiencing all the adventures that parenting brings and staying comfortable during it all. Our Free-to-Grow Carrier has an innovative, no fuss design that can comfortably hold your baby, beginning at 7lbs., without an infant insert. The panel of the Free-to-Grow Carrier has adjustable height and width settings to support your baby as they grow.

Nordstrom Exclusive: Transform

Transform‘ is simple, yet bold, with a black and white lined design throughout the carrier and hood.


Nordstrom Exclusive: Connect

Connect‘ is a neutral hip design that has a black background with gray plus signs. ‘Connect’ comes with a matching hood.

‘Connect’ and ‘Transform’ are available on and at select Nordstrom stores. Visit your local Nordstrom ask for our two exclusive Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier prints!