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Tula Woven Review: Dancey Doll Twirl by Sarah Peter (Jack Sarah)

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Name: Dancey Doll Twirl
Fiber content: 30% Tencel, 70% Cotton
Weight: 260gsm (medium weight wrap)
Size: 6
Wrapee: 26m old son, 23 lbs

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to host a special Baby Tula visitor, called Dancey Doll Twirl. As a long-time fan of Dancey Pants Disco, and the wonderfully talented mama behind the brand, I was thrilled that she had an opportunity to design a wrap for Tula based on her adorably unique dolls. The excitement and support from the loving community of DPD fans and friends (and those who know her from the babywearing community) was tangible, my own enthusiasm included.

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I knew a Dancey Doll was coming to visit, but I had not been informed which colorway. As soon as the package was delivered to my doorstep, I prepared myself with a camera to take some “unboxing” pictures. This was my first Baby Tula Woven Wrap, and I did not know what to expect in terms of packaging and the surprise color. Opening the box, I was greeted with the most stunning Tula Woven tote – a beautifully drawn babywearing mother, in a drawing style all too familiar to me… definitely the amazing work of Michelle Housel! Peeking into the soft canvas tote I saw charming little doll faces smiling back at me, in a most vibrant minty-teal color. Honestly, I had not been expecting this color – I had previewed the other colorways that had been released, and anticipated one of those. It was a complete but welcome surprise to have Twirl visiting!

After snapping a few flat pictures of this cheery wrap, I quickly unfolded it to get a feel of the weight and blend. I own a few tencel blends, so I already expected the wrap to feel soft – and it definitely was! Even though this was not direct from HQ, I’m pretty sure after even one wash, any loom state Tula tencel blend would be as soft and pliable as this traveling Twirl was. It’s a quality I really appreciate about blends like this… so easy to care for and break in! In hand, Twirl felt very similar to my all cotton wraps in weight and texture, but had a bit more floppiness and a touch of silkiness to it. Additionally, I was really satisfied with the amount of diagonal stretch it had, and how neatly it recoiled as I tested it.


My first impression wrapping with Dancey Doll was that Twirl was moldable with a slightly silky glide – it hugged us in all the right places without digging or feeling too slippery on my shoulders. The wrap was even forgiving enough of a seat-popping leaner who got a little too rambunctious at one point; it held up pretty well to my son pulling his arms in and out many times during our walk, only needing some slight readjustments to tighten everything up towards the end of our adventure. Having a toddler, I prefer multi-pass carries for support; passes remained smooth and effortless, even with the extra reinforcement for my wild child. Knots were of course a breeze in all of the finishes I tried (CCCB, Shepherd’s, and even a quick ruck knotted at my waist), and I felt that it had a reasonable amount of cushiness for my 26 month old son. Twirl’s wrapping qualities felt very balanced in general (due to the cotton-tencel ratio), and I must also point out that this blend has an absolutely beautiful drape!

Overall, Twirl was an absolute delight to host. The pleasant wrapping qualities combined with a charmingly whimsical design, really enables Dancey Doll Twirl to shine as an easy-care wrap. It’s perfect for those looking to keep a functional tencel blend in their stash. Comfortable for both small babies and toddlers, this wrap certainly grows with you and your child. Novice wrappers will be delighted with the friendly wrapping qualities Twirl has to offer, and more experienced wrappers will appreciate the quality of this tencel blend. I honestly did not know what to expect of a Tula Woven Wrap, but was very pleased by the design and wrapping qualities of this distinguished and affordable brand.

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity to host Dancey Doll Twirl – I thoroughly enjoyed this unique and beautiful visitor!

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If you would like to read the interview with Michelle Housel about the inspiration and creation of the Dancey Doll design, you can locate it here:

Tula Woven Review: Tula Love Gracieux by Brittnay Snyders



I recently hosted my first Baby Tula Woven Wrap and it was a delight.  Baby Tula sent me Love Gracieux which I knew was a Tencel blend and having tried a few different Tencel blends already I thought I knew what to expect but it was nothing like I expected, in a great way.

Company:  Baby Tula
Name: Love Gracieux
Fiber content: 53% Tencel 47% Cotton
Weight: 320 gsm (loomstate)
Size: 6 (my base)
Wrapee: My 22 lb 21 month old son


Love Gracieux is quite a thick wrap, just look at that loomstate GSM!  I haven’t tried a tencel blend with a gsm that high so far and I loved this!  My toddler isn’t super heavy but I’m definitely starting to feel his weight these days (and therefore moving away from most thinner wraps) so this was a really nice change for tencel for me!  Most of the other tencel blends I’ve had are more around 270-ish gsm and although lovely that weight is not nearly as toddler-worthy as this one from Tula.

Love Gracieux is a beast in loomstate, do not judge it brand new out of the box.  It feels like a curtain and you would think no way is that wrap-worthy.  Not to worry, toss that baby in the wash and just wait for it to totally transform!  When I say transform it’s no joke, it’s like a completely different wrap after a wash.  It fluffs up beautifully, softens up perfectly, and it goes from stiff to moldable instantly.  There is virtually no breaking in required.  I don’t normally think of tencel as a cozy blend but because this wrap is thicker I feel like it really is cozy.  It hugs and molds to you and keeps your baby snuggly close, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Because this is a thicker wrap it probably wouldn’t be my pick for a tiny brand new baby.  Kellen was under 7 lbs when he was born and I couldn’t see reaching for this with a baby that tiny (I want something thinner in that instance) however I have a friend with a young baby between 10 and 12 lbs who tried this out and it worked really well, so it’s not that this is too beastly for most babies I just don’t think it’s a great tiny newborn choice.  It’s totally toddler worthy though, I can ruck Kellen in this wrap no problem.  It’s fairly forgiving of a sloppy wrap job and there is no diggyness at all.  I think this can totally rock a shorty as well as a base size so just go for whatever you want/need.  This has a moderate amount of diagonal stretch and drape.

The tencel offers the kind of nice “silky” feel I’m used to with this blend but this is more cushy and spongy than I have ever experienced with other tencel.  I love that quality for comfort!  It’s got some nice bounce to it (boing boing).  Due to the thickness a multiple pass carry (i.e. double hammock) takes a little bit of work although not a full on workout since the tencel does offer nice glide.  The tie off is quite easy but it does make for a medium-thick knot so hopefully you don’t mind a prominent knot!  A slipknot is no problem with this wrap as the tencel offers enough glide for easy adjustment.


The quality is excellent and I did not find any flaws with my human eyes.  Over all this is a wonderful, easy, soft, and cushy medium-thick wrap!  I don’t think it’s too much for a new wrapper even though it’s on the thicker side, the softness and glide of the tencel makes it beginner friendly.  It offers some nice qualities for a more experienced wrapper as well, this kind of spongy cush isn’t always easy to find so I have truly enjoyed this.

See more photos on Brittany’s blog, Twice Loved and Modern:

Tula Woven Review: Tula Love Avant-Garde by Lotta Löthgren

I’ve tried the Pearl Firenze ring sling earlier, a very soft and easily adjusted Tencel® blend, and was very happy when I heard I had a triweave long wrap coming. I love triweave – it’s really something overall very nice with the triple threads intertwined, even if all triweaves aren’t the same of course.

Anyhow, let’s get down to the details of this one! It’s called Love Avant-garde (Avant-garde being the colourway) and it’s Tula’s much loved Love (haha!) design with big, clean hearts evenly dispersed over the wrap. The hearts are facing opposite directions so there’s no up or down on the woven wrap which I think is great. Discovering that a wrap is on the wrong way after tying off really bugs me. This Love really is lovely with a clear, icy blue, a crisp white and a bronze coloured thread combined to make a distinct pattern with bronze and snow white hearts on a sky blue base. The “wrong” side is bronze with blue hearts and the hearts that are white on the “right” side looks grey on the wrong. I do think this is a wrap that actually does have a right and wrong side and it’s hemmed accordingly. The weave is pretty airy but the wrap still has a substantial body and weighs in at an impressive 359 gsm. Not to worry though, it’s fluid and spongy and not unyielding in any way, even though I’d probably use this more with a growing babe or toddler than a newborn. It was absolutely perfect for my 1 yo, lots of cush and snuggly fabric for a FWCC nap! (Do you know how much easier taking pictures is when the tiny model is sound asleep? A lot. A lot easier.)


I also used it in a simple ruck with my 3 yo. He loves light blue and he loves hearts so this one was an instant favourite of his, which makes me love it just a little bit more… I was a bit worried that the bounce in the weave would result in some sagging when carrying a heavy child in a single layer carry, but it stays in place beuatifully. The cush is really, really great and those shoulder pleats make it super comfy on the shoulders. It’s a pattern with lots of space and not much texture but it still has a decent amount of grip. Tencel is otherwise a pretty shiny (and therefore sometimes slippery) fibre, made from wood cellulose, but I think the little “bumps” in the weave add just that bit of friction to keep it secure in a knot or hold a second layer of fabric in place.


All in all, Love Avant-garde is a very good, easy care all around wrap suitable for anyone except maybe the tiniest newborns. It’s soft and silky, pretty cool to the touch, and I can definitely see this shine as a long wrap as well as a shorty. Something tells me this would make a really nice rebozo or ring sling, but the length of a size 6, as this one is, really is a treat.

See more photos and read the whole review on Lotta’s own blog:

A Unique Love: The New Tri-Weave Tencel®
Tula Love Avant-Garde is a gorgeous combination of sky blue, goldenrod, and white

Tula Love Avant-Garde is a gorgeous combination of sky blue, goldenrod, and white

Baby Tula is not only a family owned company, but we are comprised of a diverse team that includes passionate babywearers. Many of us have enjoyed babywearing in our daily lives and understand the important function it serves as children grow. This experience drives our passion to seek out bold designs and a myriad of options that allow the babywearing journey to be distinctly stylish and enjoyable. For our newest ‘Tula Love’ woven wraps, we had our growing babies in mind. Woven in our new tri-weave Tencel® blend, the upcoming ‘Tula Love’ wraps not only have additional color but they also offer exceptional marshmallowy support. As we approach the release of these wraps, we wanted to share, in detail, what makes the new tri-weave Tencel® blend a unique love.

A Unique Composition

Our new tri-weave Tencel® blend is 53% Tencel®/47% Cotton. Tencel® is made from naturally-grown wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. Tencel® possesses amazing breathability and moisture control, while offering the additional benefits of eucalyptus: water savings, renewable growth, and environmental stewardship.

The tri-weave process uses three different yarns which results in the wrap having two wefts allowing for a colored reverse side and a more unique design on the the wrap. Each ‘Tula Love’ wrap has three colored hearts, including an accented white heart throughout the print. Compared to a double weave, a tri-weave wrap will feel more dense.

The weaving process combined with our Tencel® material creates an exceptionally soft wrap that has a layered, intricate fluff.

From a design standpoint, we were so excited by the opportunity to create a more dazzling version of a classic design! The depth of color seen with the tri-weave woven wraps is accomplished by the way three different colored threads are woven together. Each color was chosen by the way they coordinated when layered together.

Tula Love Lilas beautifully combines plum, denim, and white colors.

Tula Love Lilas beautifully combines plum, denim, and white colors.

A Unique Feel 

Despite the same name and design, the tri-weave Tencel® blend has some characteristics that differ from our previous Tencel® blend ‘Tula Love’ woven wraps. While still having the soft, fluid feel of our other ‘Tula Love’ Tencel® blends, like ‘Tula Love Noir,’ the tri-weave blend has added weight and cushiness to it.  In hand, the new weave feels thicker yet still retains a suppleness which translates to a fluffy, bouncy feel. It has a bit more weight to it, measuring at 320 GSM, but if you have not felt a previously released ‘Tula Love’ Tencel® blend before, you may not even notice the difference. It’s not overly heavy or cumbersome and combines the soft beautiful drape of our older blends with a pillowy feel. The weave has a bit of texture and is dense, yet has a bit of stretch that bounces back nicely. Close up, you can really admire the intricate weave of the wrap. Bold colors melt together with flickers of white that make the colors more relaxed without desaturation.

A Unique Carry 

While wrapping with the new tri-weave, the soft Tencel® in the wrap helps passes glide nicely, while the slight texture provides a bit of grip to hold the wrap in place. There is no sag to this wrap but the thickness requires you to be thoughtful when you are tightening. Its substantial cushion prevents you from feeling pressure on your shoulders and lower back. The added thickness translates to the tri-weave wraps feeling shorter than their actual size. You may find that you benefit from sizing up from your desired wrap size. However, these wraps are perfect for single layer carries as they are so cushioned and supportive while being breathable. With careful wrapping, repositioning is not needed and the immediate softness prevents any dig in your shoulders. The tri-weave ‘Tula Love’ woven wraps are wonderful for older infants and toddlers as it provides rock solid support with a soft cushion feel that will allow for longer wears. Yet, the softness of these wraps would also make them exceptional for small babies.

With these wraps, we hope you sense the love that they personally express for babywearing and the closeness it allows for our babies that continue to grow.

Soft and extremely supportive. We are sure you will love this new weave!

Soft and extremely supportive. We are sure you will love this new weave!

Tula Woven Wraps – A Very Serious Review

When Ula asked me if I could review the woven wraps she had sent me to do some photography for Tula with I said yes. Quite frankly, I had been patiently waiting for most of my adult life to be given the opportunity to review a product. Look, it’s not like the reviews I’ve read before on nearly every product imaginable haven’t been OK, it’s just… I am always left wanting more. Sure, it’s great to know that the product fulfills it’s designed purpose but have you ever wondered what ELSE it can do? I have.

With that in mind I wanted to bring you a thorough review of the Tula Woven Wraps. If you’re going to fork out the dough for one of these puppies, you want to know it’s going to be worth your while and worth your while they will be.

I present to you 10 practical uses for your Tula Woven Wrap.

Let’s start with the obvious. As a hammock I rate this wrap 7/10.

Okay for a little rest but not wide enough for a full blown-let-the-the-kids-watch-sesame-street-and-take-an-afternoon-siesta. As a hammock for a baby it gets two thumbs up.


As a way to make friends, you can’t go past wearing your interests on your sleeve (or back as it would be).

tula-2 copy

So, you want to take a bathroom selfie while you’re brushing your teeth but want yours to stand out in the sea of bathroom selfies? Make yours fancy! The Tula Woven Wrap is the perfect way to say “I am just suggestively semi naked in the bathroom but I also own nice things” to your friends and family.


On a very serious note: there is a reason that babywearers should travel in groups of three.  Babywearing Saves Lives.


As a runway, the Tula wrap is superb. Fully portable just roll it out whenever you need to feel fabulous.


Have you ever promised your kids a play at the park only to get there and find some naughty people have decorated the swings with chewing gum? Guess what? With the Tula Woven Wrap you’ll never be without a fun time!


Are you a photographer? Yes, of course you are! Running out of props? Tula has got you got your baby model covered. Nothing says sweet sleeping baby like finely woven cotton & bamboo blend.


The Tula Woven Wrap is perfect for those picnics you don’t want to sit too close to the other attendees (overbearing in laws anyone?). Just lay it out and the generous 4.6 meter length will allow you to be a safe distance from the other end! No relating will be necessary.


 Definitely not it’s intended purpose but should you ever be short of an evening gown and have a premiere to go to you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just what 4.6 metres of luscious jacquard can achieve.


As a form of contraception the Tula Woven Wrap is positively terrible. Stick it on your husband and in a few minutes you’ll be thinking about making some more babies.


And finally, some people do not like to see breastfeeding in public. This is no problem when you have your Tula Woven Wrap on hand, it makes a wonderful cover and can cover nearly everyone in your vicinity. Up to 8 adults.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.27.51 PM

 And there you go! The Tula Woven Wrap gets one boob out and two thumbs up from me!

I’d love to know what other things you think a woven wrap could do 😉 A prize for anyone who comes up with the most creative (the prize is a medal you can cut yourself out of crafting paper and award yourself).

x Georgia