15 Times We Proved Tula ‘Sleepy Dust’ Is Real

Have you heard that Baby Tula products come packed with magic ‘sleepy dust’? Well, we have 15 photos to prove that the ‘sleepy dust’ is REAL!

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1. When ‘sleepy dust’ and magnificent transfer skills combine!

Heart Shaped transfers never get old 💗 #tulawoven #migaloodelight #toddlerwearing #tulababycarriers #acidwash

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2. ‘Sleepy dust’ hit in the middle of Target…more time for perusing!

The best trips to #target are when your baby naps the whole time, am I right? 🙌🏻

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3. Our Tula Baby Blankets come jam-packed with ‘sleepy dust’ too!

4. Team Tula children are NOT immune to ‘sleepy dust’!

5. Don’t confuse sand with ‘sleepy dust’ from our baby carriers!

Strolling along with my favorite little people 🐕👶🏼👶🏼🐠🐚💦

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6. Dancey Dolls Stomp Ring Sling ‘sleepy dust’ in full effect!

snoozing at the beach 🌊

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7. Mom + Archer Baby Carrier = ‘sleepy dust’ to the extreme!

8. Even Ula can’t keep the ‘sleepy dust’ away from her children!

9. When transferred successfully, the ‘sleepy dust’ stays strong!

🙏🏻 #tula #tulababycarriers #tulatransfer #babywearing #wearthem #didibobs #successfultransfer

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10. No matter where you are, Tula Baby Blankets can emit ‘sleepy dust’ powers!

11. The power of ‘sleepy dust’ can work on twins too, especially with the help of a handy Tula Ring Sling!

12. Watch out! ‘Sleepy dust’ can hit in unexpected places!

13. Another Team Tula child is hit hard by the Woven Wrap ‘sleepy dust’!

Dorothy with Oz 💕#tuladorothy #tulalovecollective #babywearing #backcarry

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14. Ring Sling ‘sleepy dust’ works extra hard to help when your loved one doesn’t feel well!

15. Tula Baby Blanket ‘sleepy dust’ helps with newborn photo shoots!

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